‘Outlander’ Season Four Episode Titles, Writers, and Directors (So Far)

As we approach the November 4th premiere of Outlander season four, more and more details are coming out, and that includes the synopsis, more official photos, press screeners have gone out, and now we have details on the episodes.  Below … Continue reading

‘Outlander’ Season Three Episode Titles, Air Dates, and Synopses (So Far)

Update (8/31/2017): Synopses past episode 301 were removed by the request of Starz.  Episode titles beyond episode 303 are removed at the request of Starz. Update (8/30/2017): New episode titles, synopses, writers, and directors are added.  **If you would rather … Continue reading

Titles Revealed for ‘Outlander’ Episodes 109-116

*Spoiler Alert: Some of the titles will spoil what an episode is about.* IMDb posted the titles, directors, and script writers for episodes 109 through 111 of Outlander. Ep 109: The Reckoning, Director Richard Clark, Writer Matt Roberts Ep 110: … Continue reading