‘Outlander’ Season Four Episode Titles, Writers, and Directors (So Far)

Updated 11/16/2018: There is a new episode on December 30th, episode 409. Updated 11/1/2018: Dates attached to December episodes and the possibility of no new episode on December 30th. Updated 10/18/2018: Dates attached for the first four episodes and the … Continue reading

‘Outlander’ Season Three Episode Titles, Air Dates, and Synopses (So Far)

Update (8/31/2017): Synopses past episode 301 were removed by the request of Starz.  Episode titles beyond episode 303 are removed at the request of Starz. Update (8/30/2017): New episode titles, synopses, writers, and directors are added.  **If you would rather … Continue reading

Titles Revealed for ‘Outlander’ Episodes 109-116

*Spoiler Alert: Some of the titles will spoil what an episode is about.* IMDb posted the titles, directors, and script writers for episodes 109 through 111 of Outlander. Ep 109: The Reckoning, Director Richard Clark, Writer Matt Roberts Ep 110: … Continue reading