‘Outlander’ Season Two Episode Titles

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Below are the episode titles that we know of so far for the thirteen episodes for the second season of Outlander.  We knew the titles for the first two episodes back in February.  I still don’t know if the season will have a split, even a minor one.  I hope not, but if production needs it to make the episodes the best they can be, so be it.

This post will be updated and bumped to the front page if more titles are released.

Episode 201 – Through a Glass, Darkly

Episode 202 – Not in Scotland Anymore

Episode 203 – Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Episode 204 – La Dame Blanche

Episode 205 – Untimely Resurrections

Episode 206 – Best Laid Schemes

Episode 207 – Faith

Episode 208 – The Fox’s Lair

Episode 209 – Je Suis Prest

Episode 210 – Prestonpans

Episode 211 – Vengeance Is Mine

Episode 212 – The Hail Mary

Episode 213 – Dragonfly in Amber

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Source: IMDb, Zap2It