First Eight Episodes of ‘Outlander’ Have Titles

The news of the titles of the first eight episodes of Outlander broke a few days ago.  They were discovered via Encore channel’s website, but the link no longer works.  The page also had a synopsis of each episode.  Having a synopsis of each episode can be regarded as spoiler territory even for those of us that have read the book.  You can still search the schedule on Starz to find out the dates and times of the episodes.  It will just take you a bit longer. Outlander Italy (also known as Outlander Italian Fans) screen captured the titles of the episodes which you can see below.


You may be wondering why there are only eight episodes listed.  Karen at Outlandish Observations is the resident Compuserve forum guru and she got a detail about that from Diana Gabaldon herself.

They’d talked about showing the first eight episodes and then having “a brief hiatus” before showing the second eight, but that’s the sum total of the information I have.”

Looks like we may have a dreaded mid-season hiatus to deal with before seeing the final eight episodes.

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