New ‘Outlander’ Season Three Official Photos, Locations, and Interview with British Heritage

British Heritage has an extensive article on the third season of Outlander that includes interviews with Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and executive producer/writer Matthew B. Roberts.  There are also new official photos from season three, plus a look at the … Continue reading

‘Outlander’ Recap/Review: Episode 201, “Through a Glass, Darkly”

[This is not a spoiler-free review/recap of the episode. If you have not seen the episode yet, read it at your own spoiler risk.] Episode 201, “Through a Glass, Darkly” Written by Ronald D. Moore, Directed by Metin Hüseyin “I … Continue reading

‘Outlander’ Begins Filming in Fife, Scotland Harbor

We posted some of the preparation for filming in a harbor in Dysart within Fife, Scotland last week.  Today is the first day the actors have been spotted on this location, all in costume, to shoot scenes for Outlander.  Caitriona … Continue reading