Photos of ‘Outlander’ Filming at Dunure Harbor, Ayrshire

[Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Voyager or would prefer to not be spoiled about season three, it is best to skip this post for now.]

(FYI, this is a long post with tons of photos.)

You have seen the preparation for the Dunure harbor scenes for more than a week, and today, filming began in that spot.  Of course, with all the work put in to transform the harbor for Outlander scenes, many fans had advance notice of the filming and flocked there accordingly. The U.S. fans may envy you just a tiny bit.

Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) can be seen in the photos filming and meeting with fans.  I believe that you can also see Robert Cavanah (Jared Fraser) in the photos as well.  He should be a familiar face from the beginning of season two.  You will also see the director for this episode, Norma Bailey, in the photos from Brian Milne.

According to Sam Heughan, today was the last day of filming “Scotland” for the show.  This does not mean that they might still film exteriors somewhere in the country, but the place will no longer represent Scotland in the show.  The cast and crew are moving to South Africa in May to film “Jamaica,” using some of the sets/ships already in place from Black Sails.

Of course, if you have read the books, it begs the question if the cast and crew will relocate to the U.S. for season four.  While it may make the setting more accurate, the production already has a massive headquarters and sound stages devoted to the series outside of Glasgow.  The show has already invested a lot in the area through the first three seasons, so I don’t think it would come as a surprise if they decided to stay in Scotland.

And now the photos . . . (and just to give you fair warning, there are many of them.)  Massive thank you to Brian Milne for sending photos our way.


Outlander filming today ❤ @caitrionambalfe

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