Official Photos from ‘Outlander’ Episode 307, “Crème de Menthe”

Below are the official photos from the seventh episode of the third season of Outlander, episode 307, “Crème de Menthe.” Characters that can be seen in these photos include Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Fergus (César Domboy), Ian (John Bell), and Margaret Campbell (Alison Pargeter). … Continue reading

Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore, Toni Graphia, and Matthew B. Roberts in Episode 306 (Video)

Executive producer/showrunner Ronald D. Moore and writers/executive producer Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts discuss Outlander episode 306, “A. Malcolm.”  Ron, Matt, and Toni discuss the title, the print shop set (which is a redo of the apothecary shop in season two), how the … Continue reading

The Show-only Sassenach: ‘Outlander’ Episode 306 Review, “A. Malcolm”

**This is not a spoiler-free review of this episode. This is also a review from a non-reader and any comments revealing spoilers from the books will be deleted.**      So I was going to title this “Holy Sexamole Batman,” but … Continue reading