Updates from the ‘Outlander’ Writers’ Room (8/16/13)

If you are not on Twitter, you probably miss some very small details and information that those who are involved in the production have shared with the fans.  Here are some tweets from the Outlander Writers’ Room and its writers.

Here is a look at the Writers’ Room in Scotland (I think) that is used by the writers to hash out the ideas and put the scripts together.  If you look closely at the white board, you can see a picture of Sam Heughan, as well as the hashtags #JeSuisPret, #Heulighans, and Welcome #Outlander Fans! -#OutlanderWriter.  You can also see many Outlander books on the table.

Writer Matt Roberts shows us the Scottish flag and map that adorn his office.  He also confesses to being an Outlander fan since the 90s.


The writers also gave us a sneak peek at the binders that include the first and second episodes.

Matt also teased us with a couple bits of good news.  It is nice to see that they will be following the novel and are thinking about the fans.

Through various other tweets, some of those in response to fans’ questions, we have the following information.  There are 16 episodes (if you have not picked that up yet).  They are all one hour each.  From what I gather, Ronald D. Moore wrote the first episode or at least the draft.  There are a total of five writers for the series (at least for Season 1).  The break the stories together, but write their own scripts.  I am sure that it is a collaborative process, so they can bounce ideas off each other and get opinions on what works and what doesn’t.  Someone asked how long each episode takes to film.  Here is Matt’s answer:

And Matt just recently tweeted this within the past hour.  We are all on pins and needles waiting for the next casting announcement.

So if you have not guessed, Matt Roberts is our favorite writer for obvious reasons. Just kidding!  I hope to bring you more updates from the Outlander Writers’ Room as they pop up.

Source: Matt’s Twitter, Outlander Writers’ Twitter