Two New Official Photos of ‘Outlander’ – First Look at Mary Hawkins and Louise de Rohan

Two new photos from the second season of Outlander were released today.  The first photo shows a heavily pregnant Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan).  The second photo shows Claire sitting on a bench with Mary Hawkins (Rosie Day) and Louise de Rohan (Claire Sermonne) in all their finery.

Below is a quote released with the photos:

“Being pregnant is what drives Claire to push Jamie into this political intrigue,” Balfe says. “She wants to go back to Scotland and have a proper home and life.” Unfortunately, she must take a backseat in the scheme. “In Paris, the ladies don beautiful clothes, sip tea and gossip. It drives Claire mad.” She soon finds ways to feel useful and makes new friends—but a fresh nemesis threatens.

We are so close to 2016, and that means that much closer to “Spring 2016.”

Official S2 Claire Caitriona Sam Jamie

Official S2 Claire Caitriona Rosie Mary Claire Sermonne Louise de Rohan

Source: TV Insider

  • Carolee Luper

    WHY did they make Claire look so enormously 9 months pregnant? False to readers of the book!

    • Gail F

      They will probably have to change more than one detail of the book in order to turn Dragonfly In Amber into a TV miniseries season. It’s not the easiest of books to adapt, having more of a narrative in all directions than (as did the first book) a straight one (i.e. Claire’s POV starting out in 1947 and then making her way into 1743 and having adventures there).

      • alphadawg7

        Hey Gail! I had to delete your comment because you did not give a spoiler warning for it.

        • Jan LaBouve Remling

          Does anyone realistically think they can come to fan sites with photos, interviews and what have you, really think they aren’t going to see and read things that are spoilers, ahead of the book they are reading. You view at your own risk!

    • distachio

      I was at least that big at six months pregnant; maybe she just carries big. The series is not the book, especially DIA which was apparently VERY difficult to adapt.

      Someone was *finally* able to devise a way to bring this complex, plot-dense novel to the screen after 25 years, but it is unrealistic to expect a direct translation.. DG has stated on her FB page that she is very happy with the results; I say we owe it to her to try appreciate it — and critique it — for what it IS, which is a television series, instead of focusing on what it is not.

      If we want the book, we still have the book. 😀

      • Long Time Resident

        True. When I opened DIA and read the first paragraph, I thought I’d picked up the wrong book! That change at the beginning of the book is jarring!

      • Jan LaBouve Remling

        So true….how many times does this have to be stated? I love the series even more than the books as I love all the visuals. This cast and crew have given their all for us…let’s just enjoy their gift to us.

  • Carolee Luper

    Why is there hostility about my comment? I LOVE the books and the series and never expected them to be absolutely alike for so many reasons when adapting to television from books! I was also trying not to write any spoilers for those who have not read the books….but there IS a photo of Jamie and Claire already online which already gives a hint re: Claire and her pregnancy.
    I had 5 children and got pretty large too ( One was nearly 10 pounds ) but never looked as large as Claire in this photo except vey near giving birth. So just wait to see the episodes and we will know whether the story has been changed that much! Just saying I think they kind of over-did the baby bump!

    • distachio

      Because the tone of your original comment made you come across as being upset, and you must admit that there is a large contingent of Outlander fans who get inordinately upset when the adaptation deviates even slightly from the source material

      Good to know you didn’t intend it that way.