Richard Rankin Joins ‘Outlander’ Season Two as Roger Wakefield


Finally! Richard Rankin will play adult Roger Wakefield in Outlander Season Two. You may recall his character melting hearts in Episode 108 Both Sides Now, as the adorable young ward of the Reverend Wakefield who successfully negotiates himself “another biscuit.”

[SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read past this point if you don’t want to know about the goings-on in Season Two.]

According to Outlander Lists & Timelines, here’s a bit of background on Roger (edited to further minimize spoilers):

Full name: Roger Jeremiah Wakefield MacKenzie
Also known as: Roger Wakefield
Adoptive Parent: His great-uncle, Reginald Wakefield. His mother’s uncle.
Siblings: None
Occupation: Historian, Presbyterian Minister
Physical Characteristics: 6’3″ (DIA, chapter 1) Thick black hair (DIA, chapter 2) Olive skin and eyes of a brilliant, lucent green (V, chapter 3)
Roger has a quiet strength that enables him to endure great hardship and loss, and a path that never seems to run smoothly. Roger is very intelligent and was one of the youngest professors at Oxford (DIA, chapter 1)
Significant moments:
Roger’s father Jerry is presumed dead after crash landing his plane, although his body is never found (Leaf)
1946: Adopted by his great-uncle Reginald Wakefield at the age of five after his mother was killed in an air raid (DIA, chapter 1)

The Scottish-born actor can be seen on the big screen in Burnt, a film released earlier this year starring Bradley Cooper, and on TV’s The Syndicate, The Crimson Field and NBC’s American Odyssey. Rankin most recently appeared in the BBC One drama From Darkness. 

You can follow Rankin on Twitter.

Update by Sarah:

Can he sing?  Yes.

Here is his showreel:

And let’s not forget the fans spoke loud and clear that he was a great choice for Roger from our Cast This post.

Sources: Starz, Outlander Lists & Timelines, YahooTV

  • Missy N

    I think that he’ll be great!

  • Artsygrl69

    He doesn’t look like the description of Roger…but I’m willing to wait and see how he does. I do like his voice.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      Technically, Sam looks nothing like Diana’s description of Jamie either, but I agree with DG’s assessment, that once she saw Sam’s audition tape he WAS Jamie Fraser. Any actor worth their salt should be able to embody a character and make the audience believe that they are indeed that character (at least for a little while, lol), regardless of fitting every part of the physical description of that character.

      • Lori

        Agreed and casting for the series has done such a great job with all the characters that it’s hard to imagine this would be an exception. I’m sure as soon as we see him on screen, he will be “our Roger.”

        • DrBlueFrogPhD

          He also has the same color blue eyes as Lotte Verbeek, which if you remember in the book is important (though in the book it’s green eyes, not blue). Speaking of Lotte, she’s another example of someone who is nothing like the physical description of Geillis in the books yet I can’t imagine another actress being able to pull off that character.

  • emd04

    I love it! He can come sing to me any time! 🙂

  • Carolee Luper

    Judging from his showreel, he has the acting ability to stand up to Roger’s part. Think he will do a great job of portraying a very sensitive man. Can’t wait to see him with Jamie!

  • Jean Rice

    But can he sing?

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  • Erin Murphy

    How tall is he? Taller than Sophie Skelton?