‘Outlander’ Season One Viewer Ratings

Outlander 2014

There is now a handy table from The Nielsen Company that lays out the viewer ratings for each episode of Outlander.  I believe this is only day of, live viewings of the episodes.  This does not take into account viewing the episode on demand or on a DVR.  You can see the changes in viewers from episode, including the increase or decrease.  The show lost viewers between Episode 108 and 109; that is when the long mid-season break occurred.  The show also lost viewers for Episode 115 and 116.  The show averaged 1.04 million viewers an episode.

Here are some other ratings posts from us and TV by the Numbers, which will give you some better insight into overall ratings:

Outlander Ratings Season One Table


Source: TV Series Finale, TV by the Numbers

  • D R Allen

    Of course, this fully illustrates how the world is changing in the 21st C – Nielsen Ratings (which used to be such a major measurement of success) only shows .761M viewers of ep1, when it is KNOWN that 3.7M have actually watched it.

    And this is just for Starz (who has the US distribution rights). Elsewhere (for example) I found that in China, 14.5M watched the première, and there were impressive numbers in Canada and Australia (but I have been ABSOLUTELY unable to find S. American and German statistics!).

    • cat

      I can help with that. The first week Outlander got a great ratings in germany. 2,45 Mil. viewers for the first and 2,60 Mil. for the second episode. The third and fourth episode only got 1,81 and 1,90 Mil. viewers. The fith episode got 0,71 and the sixth got 0,82 Mil. viewers.

      • D R Allen

        Thank you. Any thoughts about why the viewers dropped off so quickly? Elsewhere it stayed pretty steady.

        • cat

          The show wasnt well received by the german critics, at least the few articles, that had been written about the show. But I dont think thats the reason for the dropping. Loads of bookfans have seen the show allready due of its availability on Itunes or on the pay-tv channel RTL Passion. Also it is summer now and a lot of people spend their evenings outside.

  • Jessabean

    The largest loss in audience was between episodes 9 and 10. just goes to show don’t have your hero grab the boob of another woman in the same episode where he beats his wife. it’s called good judgment and they often lack it.

    • Nicole Theoret

      What do you mean, is that the episode with Laoghaire? She’s the one that puts his hand on her boob.

  • Suzanne Cole-Rice

    I really have a problem with these statistics in that the demo is 18-49. So many of the Outlander fans I see on social media are over 50 like I am. So we don’t count. I am willing to guess that they are only counting half or less of the actual viewers. Plus, as others have said, these are only US numbers.

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