‘Outlander’ Premiere Breaks Starz’s Multi-Platform Viewing Record

Outlander Poster Wide

I think that all of us that have been invested and excited about Outlander coming to the small screen from the beginning have been waiting for the viewer results.  The reviews have also been important, but the viewer numbers both online and for the network premiere also gauge the interest and the success of the marketing campaign.

After Saturday’s premiere, an estimated 720,000 watched it on the network.  2.3 million watched it on Saturday and Sunday. The early premiere on multiple platforms brought in about 1.4 million viewers.  The total number of viewers for the premiere is 3.7 million and it is increasing. 

What is the most surprising about the data from the premiere is that female adult viewers made up only 51% of the viewers. 45% of the viewers were adult males.  If anyone had any doubt that guys would watch Outlander, that pretty much is the answer to that.

This breaks the previous record held by Black Sails which also had a multi-platform release.  It had 3.5 million viewers, but those actually watching the premiere on the network was higher with 850,000.  An addendum to that number is that during January 2014 there are more viewers than during August.

Source: Variety, THR