Cast This: Roger MacKenzie

***If you have not read Dragonfly in Amber (Book 2) and do not want to be spoiled, do not read this post.  You have been warned.***

For our second Cast This for the second season of Outlander, we are focusing on Roger MacKenzie.  Roger appears as a small child in both the TV series and novel of Outlander.  When we begin the novel Dragonfly in Amber, he is grown up, along with Brianna Randall (her Cast This and Your Picks posts).  He is a character that stays around for a while along with Brianna, so I would assume that the casting director is looking for someone who can carry a role that may be small to begin with, but will become a larger part of the series if more seasons beyond two are made.


He is 28 at the beginning of Dragonfly in Amber.

“The inhabitant, a small boy with a shock of glossy black hair, was curled up in the depths of the chair, sound asleep.” Outlander, Chapter 2

“The boy, startled out of sleep, shot bolt upright, wide eyes the color of moss.” Outlander Chapter 2

“The eyes [Claire’s] swept up from his size-eleven plimsolls to the face a foot above her.” Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 1

“He [Roger] unconsciously straightened himself as he followed, drawing up to his full six feet three.” Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 1

“He’s got the grooviest eyes,” Brianna said, dreamily ignoring the question of his brain, “Aren’t they the greenest you’ve ever seen?” Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 1

“He has a very nice bottom, too,” I [Claire] remarked, just to keep her going. “I noticed when he bent over to get the whisky.” Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 1

“Nothing much wrong with him, he reflected, sucking in his stomach and pulling himself upright before the full-length reflection on the back of the door.  Firm.  Trim.  Long-legged, but not spindle-shanked.  Possibly a bit scrawny through the shoulders? He frowned critically, twisting his lean body back and forth.

He ran a hand through his thick black hair, until it stood on end like a shaving brush, trying to envision himself with a beard and long hair, like some of his students.” Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 2

Which actor would you choose to play Roger and why?

Please keep in mind that eye color and hair color can be changed very easily.  Eye color is not something that may be changed to keep in line with the book character.

Please comment below with your choice and add a photo of the actor if you choose. I will make a new post in a couple of weeks with your top three choices.  

Below is a drawing of Roger MacKenzie by Alex Oliver (her Twitter account).

Roger Mackenzie drawing Alex Oliver

  • kmasters

    Henry Cavill

    • Heather Ryder

      Totally agree, Henry Cavill!!

      • Mirja

        So do I!

  • mysticl

    he has to be able to sing as well …

  • CA-girl

    After seeing the trailers for Into The Woods…. Chris Pine

    • JoAnna Grubbs

      love Chris Pine, but how about Tom Hardy, both extremely good looking.

  • lisa

    Mathew Goode (Finn from The Good Wife)

    • Carri Cole

      But does he sing?

    • Andrea Gaudin

      Not much for watching T.V so not familiar with a lot of the actors put forth for Roger Mac but as apprearances go James Robinson or Richard Rankin would get my vote. Oops typed the wrong name. Mathew Goode is what I meant to type not James Robinson.

  • Kathie Martin

    Kevin Ryan

  • Danielle Haggard
  • Danielle Haggard

    Christian Campbell , because he can sing.

    • Inbal

      I like your suggestion! Has a Scottish connection too…

  • Holly Jean Billick

    I kinda think Theo James from Divergent. He also played Mr. Pamook on Downtown Abbey.

  • Danielle Haggard

    Ben Barnes

    • alphadawg7

      You just *had* to post those ones, eh? 🙂

    • Alicha Hughes-Yankee

      Yes! He would have been spot-on. My goodness……

  • Margaret Peña

    Ryan Eggold

    • Margaret Peña

      He also sings in the band, Eleanor Avenue!

    • Outlandishly_hooked

      He could be Roger Mac. Good work casting him.

    • Carri Cole

      they could give him a perm but I would have to hear him sing…..How tall is he?

  • Shelly

    A good list Ladies for my tuppence worth, all though I would personally love to see Henry Cavill or Chris Pine, I think they would have to much on their plates. Jeremy Irvine looks is too young, Theo James isn’t quite who Roger is nor is Mathew Goode, Kevin Ryan seems to stocky. So that leaves for this Christian Campbell, Ryan Eggold and Ben Barnes, these three appear for my opinion what or how I see Roger how ever Christian isn’t tall enough. Remembering that Brianna found his eye’s the grooviest and she was mesmerized by him when he sang in front of the crowd at the Gatherings, and that she was shorter than him, that fact was a big deal for Brianna.

  • Mandy Tidwell

    No contest for me! Richard Rankin has it all. Tall, dark, handsome, Scottish, sings AND plays guitar. And has the advantage that his isn’t such a huge star (yet) that Outlander can’t afford him!

    • Herder

      I had not heard of him, but looked him up and wow, yes, he is indeed perfect. Then I saw Mandy had posted this and said, “well of course he is!”

    • Jodi Minton

      I think Richard Rankin would be perfect if he is tall enough for the Brianna that is chosen. I see Roger right here!

      • Mandy Tidwell

        Richard is 6 Ft tall, so I doubt they will cast a Bree taller than that!

    • Sandi

      He also looks like a good Roger; might need to be a little more scruffy when they get to America, but he’s very handsome.

    • Looks jusst right!

  • Guest

    James Robinson (grown up kid from Braveheart).

  • Hawley

    James Robinson

  • Lynda Jo Hunt

    How about Paul Telfer? He is Scottish and the right height.

  • Julie Richman

    James McAvoy is a blue-eyed Scot who became a Hollywood leading man after his strong performance opposite Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland (2006). A graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (2001)

    • Mary G

      Nope. He’s only 5′ 7″. Way too short.

  • Julie Richman

    James Macavoy

    • distachio

      Waaaaay too short. He’s only 5’7″.

  • Julie Richman

    Sorry here he is and sorry for the misspelled name below James McAvoy. Good looking great Scottish actor, not sure if he can sing though.

    • Outlandishly_hooked

      He is a handsome man but he can’t be Rodger Mac. Bree is about 6feet tall and Rodger is taller. James is 5′ 7″. Keep looking.

    • Mary G

      Again … love him, but way, way too short. He’s only 5′ 7″

  • Inbal

    Some good suggestions there but for me this is the best one by far.
    RICHARD MADDEN, AKA, King of the north:

    • Mary G

      Nice, and I really do like him … but waaay too short. If they find a tall _Brianna_, they’re going to need to find a taller _Roger_. He’s only 5′ 9″

      • Inbal

        Amber Skye Noyes is 5’7″… just saying 😉

      • Outlandishly_hooked

        He is 5′ 11″ and would make a lovely roger, depending on height of Bree actress.

        • Marylyn15

          He is 5′ 9″ not 5′ 11″. Love him but he’s not tall enough. In the book he’s 6′ 3″ like Jamie. I know they haven’t been particular on height so far but I’ll be surprised if they cast anyone under 6′.

          • Outlandishly_hooked

            I agree taller is more to book. When I googled, I saw 5′ 11″ but now I also see 5′ 9″. Truthfully, I think they will pick an actor not so well known.

      • Lyanna

        YEEESSS! The King in the North, ftw

    • Jodi Minton

      Too short and too well known.

  • Chelsea Johnston

    Tom Mison. He is British but he has the height and looks similar to McTavish and could pull of the relative look. He plays Ichabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow.

    • Kristine

      He’s my choice but I really like him on Sleepy Hollow.

    • Outlandishly_hooked

      Good choice Chelsea.

  • T Ballard

    Taylor Kitsch

  • Anne Dj

    For some reason my mind stuck with Colin O’Donoghue when I read the books. But he’s probably too busy with Once Upon A Time.

    • ktinxx

      That’s exactly who I was thinking of! I think he would be perfect for the role. The right mixture of passion and smarts, dedication and good looks, boyishness and charme. The height might be a problem,though, he is only 5’11” (1.8 m)…

      • Anne Dj

        I kinda bummed abt the height too. A bit.

    • That is who I picture when I read (and reread)[[Colin O’Donoghue.

  • Renata Ramos

    Henry cavill

    • Carri Cole

      He really looks like a wonderful Roger Mac but does he sing???

    • Sandi

      I think he looks like Roger, what I picture when I’m reading the book, good choice! Of course, I can’t think of anyone that I know that would work, but these choices are good, all of them.

      • Alessandra Silva

        That´s Roger Mac , right there! But I´m not so sure they can afford him. I´m afraid he´s way too famous already. He would be perfect for the part though…Compete a little bit with Jamie, would he not?

  • Pamela Wagner

    Patrick Hussion – check him out: you can see him speak if you Google the Craftsman commercial and his name. He has a deep lovely voice. He sings. He is 6’1″. Green eyes. Dark hair. His bio says he speaks with a british or scottish accent. He has a charming, wittiness about him. Playful but serious. Sensual. Similar Traits as Sam and Catiriona. They’d fit beautifully together. But, of course, it would depend who plays Brianna.

    • DogMa

      Just checked him out…I think Patrick Hussion is Roger Mac!

  • Marybeth Royals Maxwell

    This beautiful man IS Roger Mac. He is the entire package of Scot intellect and sweetness. He is a singer/musician as well as a wonderful actor. His accent is amazing–I love to listen to him and he is so easy on the eyes. Richard Rankin is the best choice and I think he would be perfect for the part. 🙂 #RichardISRoger

  • Rebecca West

    Definitely James Robinson.

  • Marylyn15

    I think any actors who are already in successful TV shows or movie franchises are out as possibilities for obvious reasons. I don’t really have anyone that fits Roger for me but I’d say Rick Rankin would be my closest so far.I’d be happy with him if he did get the part.

  • Michelle Reynolds

    Marcus Brigstocke.

  • Michelle Reynolds

    this is the type of face I see when I’m reading.

  • Holly Jean Billick

    And I think maybe another Starz star Liam McIntyre

    • DogMa

      Oh, this I like! So many of the others are “pretty boys”. I think of Roger being a bit more rugged looking…and six foot three!

  • Shannon Sutton

    Ben Barnes he is 6’1 and can sing, play the drums and guitar –

  • Deb Burns Smith

    Michiel Huisman. 6′ tall. Singer/Musician/Actor.

    • Alessandra Silva

      God, no!

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  • distachio

    When I’m reading the books, I see Bret McKenzie as he looked in Austenland.

    Bown eyes, I think, but eye color hasn’t played a huge part in casting so far.

  • Emma Pugh

    Matthew Atkinson. Looks good- tall dark and handsome. Not Scottish though so would have to do a convincing accent!

  • Rosemary Adler

    Ooooh Ok i’m on book 5 now but I was watching something today and saw Oliver Jackson-Cohen and thought he would be great as Roger 😀 and he’s 6′ 3″! For Brianna, either Freya Mavor or Sharon Belle

  • Madeline Hill

    Rob James-Collier, though he may be too old and he’s got blue eyes… I’m just going to put up the picture with him holding a baby for reasons………

  • Madeline Hill

    Rob James-Collier. He’s probably too old and he has blue eyes, but he dark haired and 6’2″… and I’m using this picture of him holding a baby for reasons……

  • Rosemary

    Guys GUYS Brendan Hines!! I just saw him on Scandal OMG He’s perfect and he sings!

  • Rhiangel83

    Joshua sasse…played galavant on abc. Can sing and has the right look. Not too famous. English not scotish but roger mac did not have a strong scotish accent if you recall from the books. 5’11 so on the taller side…

  • Outlander Obcessed

    No contest for me either!! It’s a no-brainier!! It’s gotta be Richard Rankin!!!

  • Outlander Obcessed

    I’m a “Nana” of two, wonderful grandsons (ten and eight) and am an avid fan of Outlander! I recently retired from teaching at our local high school! I find Sam to be a gentleman with an enchantingly refreshing personality that is so down-to-earth! I really hope that as time goes on and Sam becomes more well-known he doesn’t abandon these admirable traits and become arrogant or self-centered. I, for one, would be extremely disappointed!

  • Kayte

    Henry Cavill

  • Tonja

    Listen to this – A Smeoraich!! #RichardIsRoger
    Amazing voice Richard Rankin!

  • Donna La Croix
  • MBS

    Colin O’Donahue from Once Upon a Time should definitely be considered!