The New Opening Credits and Theme for ‘Outlander’ Season Five

Starz gave fans a bit of a gift this Christmas with the release of the new opening credits for season five, including the new theme by Bear McCreary. This new theme is very different from all of the other seasons, with it focusing more on the chorus of singers than the music.  I certainly miss Raya Yarbrough’s voice, but she is heard at the very end, and it gives me chills every single time.

What season’s theme is your most favorite?  Mine would be season 1B’s theme.

This season brings a significant overhaul of the opening credits sequence.  There are not many original scenes from season one’s sequence left, which is a shame. I am glad to see Claire’s muddy legs running still present, as well are the dancers around the standing stones of Craigh na Dun.

As far as what is shown, we have the full body of shots of Jamie and Claire to correspond with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s names.  Jamie and Claire next to “The Fiery Cross” end the credits.  Roger and Brianna are represented, and Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton both get their names by themselves on the credits.  Claire’s rings, dragging boots, a pinned tartan, a jewel, a tarot card (?), American bison, Redcoats, The Big House, and carefree running on the beach are all represented in the credits.

Along with the opening credits, we get confirmation that Trisha Biggar is indeed the costume designer for season five!

There is one new name in the credits.  Guy Tannahill is a producer and has previously worked on Jamestown, The Last Kingdom, and Game of Thrones.

The credits video is below along with the screenshots.

Source: Starz