Maril Davis on ‘OutlanderLIVE’ EW Radio with Lynette Rice

Hosts Lynette Rice and Amy Wilkinson of OutlanderLIVE! on EW Radio did their part to assist in Droughtlander this week. Not only did Lynette write the article found in this weeks edition of Entertainment Weekly. Both ladies hosted a special episode of OutlanderLIVE with guest Maril Davis.

If you missed this special episode fear not, it is now available for listening pleasure. In this weeks show Maril discusses the thought process behind the addition of the battle of Culloden, what the crew thought of filming the battle after they saw the much talked about battle on Game of Thrones this past season, and how Season 3 episode writing has been compared to Season 2. A caller from North Carolina asked about the potential on filming coming to the United States particularly North Carolina, and this season is having its first set takeover with Outlander moving to South Africa to film on the Black Sails sets.

Listen to the episode in it’s entirety.