Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough Perform the New ‘Outlander’ Theme at NYC Premiere

Along with Chris Albrecht and Ronald D. Moore‘s introductions at the NYC premiere of the first episode of season two of Outlander (this is becoming a really long sentence), guests were also treated to something else.  Singer Raya Yarbrough and composer Bear McCreary performed the new theme for Outlander.  This is a longer version of what is seen in the opening titles/credits.

I can hear your questions now.  The opening titles are the same and different.  “Skye Boat Song” has been changed a bit and new scenes have been added.  They have also kept some of the scenes from the season one’s opening titles.  I loved that they did this because it roots you in the origin of the story.  If we get a season three (come on, you know it is going to happen), I wonder if they will go back to the original or keep changing it a bit every season.

Below is my video of it.  It was taken with my Flip camera, which was not the best decision.  So while you can’t make out Bear, Raya, and their group very clearly, you can hear everything that is played and sung.

Source: Outlander TV News