Outlander TV News’ Spoiler Policy

This is the spoiler policy that we will be abiding by henceforth.  It may change a little as we implement it.

We understand that there will be book readers and non-book readers enjoying the television series.  We would like to keep it as spoiler-free as possible for non-book readers.

On the review/recap posts of the episodes, you are allowed to comment freely on the episode or episodes that have already aired.  If you are commenting on future episodes or what may happen in future episodes, please label them as spoilers.  This applies to comments on our Facebook posts also. Comments not adhering to this will be deleted.

We will not be live-tweeting or live-Facebooking the episodes, and we would encourage everyone to not do this also.  Not everyone in the world is seeing these episodes at the same time, and it is unfair to spoil it for those who have not seen it yet.

We will not be GIFing or screen-capping the episodes.  Only official images provided to press and the public will be used.  Previews of new episodes or other promotional videos are the exceptions.

If you want to stay completely spoiler-free, please stay off social media.

Questions, comments, or suggested changes on this policy are welcome!