Target ‘Outlander’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Season 1 Volume 2


Back in July we posted about the upcoming September 29th release of Season 1 Volume 2 of Outlander. You can find the post with all the information on what will be included in the DVD, Blu-ray, and Collector’s Editions here

Yesterday STARZ announced what will be included in the Target exclusive Outlander Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. It will have the collectible holographic packaging, a 32 page book with an introduction from Ron D. Moore, and a stationary set with images from the series. This is similar to the packaging from the Volume 1 Target exclusive and if sales of Volume 1 are any indication you may want to make it to your local Target store early on September 29th if this is the edition that interests you. Most Target stores sold out quickly with their Volume 1 exclusive, and there were even cancelled orders for those that pre-ordered through the Target website. We are down to less than a week!