‘Outlander’ Season Two SDCC Teaser Trailer Description

[Spoiler Alert: This post describes things that happen in Dragonfly in Amber and in Season Two of Outlander.]

Official Photo Season 2 Claire Caitriona Sam Jamie

One of the things missing from the video of the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the Season Two teaser trailer that was shown to us at the beginning of the panel and then again at the end.  Ronald D. Moore said that the trailer will not be released online, so either it will be months until we see it again, or it will be in another form entirely.  Frankly, I was very surprised that they showed any footage at all considering they have only completed three episodes and are working on the next block of episodes.  I had the pleasure of siting in between Ginger and Summer of Outlander Podcast and got to hear their reactions as well.  Let’s just say there were certain words and names yelled out during the course of the approximately 1:30 minute teaser.  I really wish you all could see it.  It is a completely different look because of the switch in setting from Scotland to France for the first half of the season.

Below is my description of what I was able to see in the teaser.  It certainly is not everything.  All assumptions are my own and are not fact!

The trailer is set to an almost classical tune with some dramatic tones woven into it.  Seriously, if you don’t want to know anything about Season Two yet, don’t read anymore.

  • Claire in a yellow/saffron cape with a hood
  • Focus on Claire’s hands with Jamie’s ring
  • Jamie’s bruised and beaten hand
  • Jamie with his hair in a messy queue
  • Claire back in the 1940s (not aged)
  • Claire crying (the music had stopped for this moment)
  • Little Roger running in the yard with a toy plane
  • Claire and Jamie walking the docks
  • Jamie sword fighting
  • A woman looking through an magnifying glass towards the camera
  • Claire walking down the hall in her shift and robe with an obvious baby bump
  • Jamie sitting in a chair by the fire
  • Some women with come hither looks aka prostitutes
  • Murtagh with two swords
  • A man screaming in bed (not Jamie)
  • Claire on the docks
  • Mother Hildegard
  • A women in lingerie or possibly with body paint, face is painted white with red lips, she has long, blonde, wavy hair
  • Murtagh in his PJs
  • Claire having her hand kissed by Compte St. Germain
  • Jamie pouring himself a drink at a table while a woman hangs on to him
  • Frank looking at little Roger
  • Murtagh being kissed
  • Jamie with hair down, no shirt, talking to another man
  • Claire in a blueish gown with Murtagh behind her
  • Sex scene with Jamie and Claire
  • Another woman (probably well off)
  • Jamie and Claire in bed
  • Two men in powdered wigs talking at a table
  • Claire in the saffron gown getting up from a couch
  • Compte St. Germain
  • Claire in the hospital
  • Formal gardens
  • Claire walking through a room with a maroon gown on holding two glasses.
  • Frank
  • Reverend Wakefield
  • Claire walking the hospital with a nun (possibly Mother H)
  • Jamie and Claire kissing
  • Claire in a hat (unclear of time period)
  • Jamie pointing at a man
  • Men running and Claire in the alley
  • Jamie sword fighting
  • Jamie stabbing someone in bed, he is then splattered with blood
  • Jamie kissing a powdered wig man’s hand
  • The end of the teaser has the only speaking part.  It is conversation between Jamie and Claire.  Jamie: “Life with you is certainly never dull, Sassenach.” Claire: “I shall endeavor to be more dull if that would suit you better.” Jamie: “I wouldn’t change you to save the world.” (He rubs her belly)

Source: Outlander TV News