Official Photos from ‘Outlander’ Episode 109, “The Reckoning”

Below are the official photos from ninth episode of Outlander, “The Reckoning.”  This is the first episode after the long mid-season break and the end of Droughtlander.

Those characters that can be seen in the photos are Laoghaire (Nell Hudson), Colum MacKenzie (Gary Lewis), Letitia MacKenzie (Aislin McGuckin), Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), Angus Mhor (Stephen Walters), Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish), Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix), Rupert MacKenzie (Grant O’Rourke), Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson), and Willie (Finn den Hertog).

Update (4/2/2015): More new official photos from this episode added to the bottom of the post.  You can see Mrs. Fitzgibbons (Annette Badland) in one of the photos.

OUT_109-20140210-EM_0465.jpg OUT_109-20140210-EM_0729.jpg OUT_109-20140228-EM_0468.jpg OUT_109-20140303-EM_0387.jpg OUT_109-20140303-EM_0426.jpg OUT_109-20140310-EM_0509.jpg OUT_109-20140310-EM_0939.jpg OUT_109-20140310-EM_1932.jpg OUT_109-20140311-EM_0463.jpg OUT_109-20140313-EM_0026.jpg

All above photos are courtesy of Starz, all of the below photos are courtesy of Amazon Prime UK.

OUT_109-20140210-EM_0090.jpg Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 OUT_109-20140301-EM_0003.jpg Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014

Source: Starz, Amazon Prime UK