Simon Cotton Joins ‘Outlander’ Season Four in Major Guest Role

If you have not heard, Drums of Autumn aka season four of Outlander begins filming next month.  The only new casting announcements for season four were for the dogs playing Rollo.

It was shared via Twitter today that Simon Cotton will be joining season four of Outlander next month.  While his role has not been revealed, he says he will be playing a “nasty sassenach” and his role is described as a major guest lead role.

I’m sure we could all take a guess at what role he will be playing, but we will have to wait until an official announcement or when he appears onscreen next year.

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Source: Respective Twitter Accounts

  • Sarah Johnson

    I have a couple ideas of who I think he could be playing and can’t wait to find out if i’m right on either option. Granted I know i’ll be waiting quite a bit to find out of i’m right. LOL

  • Laura Cross McGirt

    Do we have our Stephen Bonnett?

    • Pat Cocivera


    • Elizabeth Davis Simpson

      I’ve always pictured Bonnet older, heavier and not as good-looking.

      • Elf68

        really? Diana is pretty explicit in her description of him. I believe he is of an age with Jamie or slightly younger….

        • Logan

          Younger than Jamie and good looking I believe.

      • But he’s fair, isn’t he?

        • Westcoastlife

          Nothing a little hair dye can’t fix, most of the actors have dyed their hair for the show. I’d prefer great actors to perfect look a-likes anyways.

      • Vanessa Stockton-Blanco

        Nope – he was described as a rough but attractive looking guy with blonde hair and light green eyes….also, Bonnett is not a sassenach

  • Beth Ely

    Well he can’t be Bonnet, who , is blonde and green eyed!!! Muchinson??

    • Cee Valley

      And Dougal had a full head of red hair. Don’t think physical features matter for the series at this point.

      • MFleschute

        Dougal didn’t have red hair, he had dark hair (and of course no hair in the show).

    • Anne Arseneault

      maybe the Duke of Pardlowe?

      • Jan LaBouve Remling

        that would be Lord John’s brother Hal who we have already met and is casted.

    • Darlene Canchola Castaneda

      And in the books Claire had eyes the color of fine whiskey but Catrina’s eyes are gray.

    • Logan

      That does not matter in Outlander. Different hair and eye colors abound.

  • He says he’s playing a “nasty sassenach”….Bonnet was Irish…possibly Munchinson?? I thought Munchinson was described as pretty unattractive in the books,though?

    • Joy Balmer

      Irish would also be “sassanach”–not Scot–wouldn’t it?

      • Sheila Deith

        Usually sassenach is used for an English person or even border Scot, but not really for an Irish person

    • Logan

      No one except lecherous old men are unattractive in Outlander.

  • Cee Valley

    Doesn’t Sassenach simply mean outsider?

    • Elf68


    • Yes, but it’s usually applied to English people.

  • Cynthia

    But guest role? That doesn’t sound very permanent and we know Bonnet keeps reappearing for several books.

    • Elf68

      well, he does show up and disappear and then reappears and disappears….over and over again. Major guest role would cover that…

  • Lone Star

    I note that the tweets are no longer on his Twitter feed. Maybe he jumped the gun a little? Nevertheless, SQUEEEE for Season 4 news!

  • Tracie Wood

    I was wondering Stephen Bonnet, but for some reason I have it in my head he’s blonde.

  • Susie

    Could he be William?

    • Don’t think he qualifies as “a nasty sassenach.”

    • Lauren Carl

      Isn’t William young in Drums of Autumn? This actor is a bit old. PhilipW sounds right to me. Scoundrel.

    • Cee Valley

      William is 6 years younger than young Ian, who is only 16 or 17 in Drums of Autumn. And he’s not “nasty.”

  • Colleen English Ross

    I think they’ve already cast Stephen Bonnet. It was announced with the Season 3 casting. I think Cotton might be Phillip Wylie.

    • That works for me.

    • Westcoastlife

      I thought so too, but I suspect it fell through. Wasn’t he (Bonnet) originally supposed to be played by one of the actors from Lost?

    • Celeste Pagan Carreras

      I think you are right according the description of the character in the book .Claire didn’t like him at all because how he acted .Always after Claire .

  • Debra Girling

    Davie Byrnes the timber camp overseer at River Run

  • Jeannie Dietsche

    What do they mean by major guest lead role. If it is a lead role, It could be Bonnet but doesn’t really fit the profile Diana set. Would he be to old to play Jamie’s son?

  • Jeannie Dietsche

    No, never mind about him maybe playing Jamie’s son…William wouldn’t be described as nasty. He is English so must be one of the nasty English government or soldiers. As it describes him as guest, I would expect his part doesn’t span the entire season.

    • Westcoastlife

      In Drums of Autumn William is about 12, so it isn’t him, I suspect Bonnet but first thought of the Brown brothers (thought Bonnet was already cast???). However, if he is a guest actor, wouldn’t his character need to be completed by the end of Drums of Autumn in case they decide to make A Breath of Snow and Ashes?

  • Sheila Kurth

    not Steve Bonnet – the books say Bonnet is a blonde

    • MFleschute

      Yeah Bonnet is blond. Although casting seems to have just thrown the books out the window as far as descriptions… 5’8″ brown-eyed fake red head for Bree (I know Sam’s is dyed too but he pulls it off great) and don’t even get me started in Lord John! Supposed to be slight, pretty and blond too, but instead they cast a 6’3″ brunette dude. And I really pictured someone taller Bree, it is so much part of her character! Karen Gillian would have been perfect…

  • Suzette Tosti

    Well he doesn’t look like a Stephen Bonnet. But he is a major villain, one of the Browns maybe?

  • Grandma Bennie

    I’m going with Stephen Bonnet. And he’ll certainly “do”.

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  • Susie L. Rosen

    Wasn’t it supposed to be Zack McGowan, formerly Charles Vane of “Black Sails”, playing Bonnet?

  • Lin Weber Beal Larsen

    I’ve pictured Bonnet as somewhat rakishly good looking but with an unscrupulous soul. Since Bree kills him, he doesn’t last long in the story and only shows up a handfull of times. Could be…sassenach could be “black Irish”. But also, couldn’t he be playing William Buchleigh (spelling incorrect) the 4 times or so great grandfather of Roger? He’s the one who tried to hang Roger for kissing the cheek of his many times great grandmother who he saved along with her infant son on Bonnet’s ship.

    • Vanessa Stockton-Blanco

      W.B. was Scottish….no way he’s described as a Sasennach

    • Celticmoon

      Not yet – not until 5…

  • Lynn Dickson Ross

    If he’s Bonnet…I don’t picture him at all…

  • Sandra Milchior

    I go for Phillip Wyle…I think Zach Gowan was already been called for Bonnet…

    • Dani Murray

      Oh gosh, if Zack McGowan is Bonnet I would swoon so much more than hate.

    • Logan

      Where did you get this?

  • Cherry Blackwell

    Philip Wylie

  • Gramajanice

    Ed Speleers Cast as Stephen Bonnet. Maria Doyle Kennedy Cast as Jocasta.

  • Celticmoon

    Well – we know he won’t be Ulysses!