Lauren Lyle Joins the Cast of ‘Outlander’ as Marsali


With the news late last week of older Fergus being played by César Domboy, the casting of Marsali wasn’t too far behind.  Today we learned that Lauren Lyle is joining the cast as Marsali in the third season of Outlander.

Not to get too spoilery, but Marsali is the daughter of Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson).  With twenty years passing in the storyline, it looks like someone else moved on from Jamie Fraser.

Marsali is the 18-year-old high-spirited daughter of Laoghaire. Blond and lovely, like her mother, she first was introduced in Season 1, when her youthful crush on Jamie Fraser was halted by his marriage to Claire, but Marsali has a rebellious and romantic mind of her own. She knows what she wants and she goes after it – reputation and propriety be damned.

Lauren Lyle has theatre credits to her name as well as some TV series, short films, and the upcoming Broken for BBC One.  There is not much information on her on the internet, sadly.

You can follow Lauren on Twitter.

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Source: IMDb, Deadline

  • Cathy

    Correction Marsali was fifteen not eighteen.

    • mmpaca

      interesting that Dianna’s own posting about Marsali says she’s 18. just maybe she’d be the authoritative source?

      • Carolee Luper

        Guess she forgot what wrote in the book. Have you read it? Also, time-wise in the story of her Mother’s marriage it makes no sense for her to be that old.

    • Mjane

      It’s common to change character’s ages in TV-programs, as it would not be proper to even hint that underaged would be having sex with adults. If I remember correctly, this happened with Daenerys (Game of Thrones) too. Of course the 15 year old girl marrying someone very much older was normal thing back then, but nowadays it is frowned upon.

      • Cathy

        I understand our modern propensities to be prudish Americans, however, when I see articles explaining a story I would expect that accuracy or clarification be addressed. So on page, 523 in Voyager (not to go against herself) I quote, “Be that as it may,” he said, “ye’ re too young to be married.” “I’m fifteen; that’s plenty old enough!” Television may require that the actress is 18 but it does not mean that the script can indicate otherwise. This has been a cut edge show daring to address many issues. It should also address our prudish attitudes as well.

        • Sarah Ksiazek

          The quote and description of her character is from Starz. This is how she will be in the show.

      • Carolee Luper

        The book is not set nowadays, it is set in a time where 15 was an acceptable age for marriage. Thinking marriage being acceptable at 18 came in the 20th century. Surely fans aren’t stupid enough to think that changing this fact is necessary!