“The Reckoning” Beats “Sassenach” in Viewership


We finally have the viewership numbers for the mid-season premiere of Outlander.

Episode 109, “The Reckoning,” beat the series premiere, “Sassenach,” by 69%.  “Sassenach” had 721,000 live viewers compared to 1.22 million viewers for “The Reckoning.”

The episode was also the second-highest female viewership for Starz.  The highest episode for Starz as a whole was Episode 108, “Both Sides Now.”  Women made up 62% viewers and 59% for the whole weekend.

The total viewership for the entire weekend came to 2.38 million.

Source: TV by the Numbers

  • Sherry Riley

    Is that just in the U.S. or worldwide? That probably doesn’t include the UK and Canada, right?

    • alphadawg7

      No, this is just the U.S..

  • Robin Turriff

    well..we waited long enough–word got around-people got a chance to watch it outside of the network-relatives made other relatives watch..under penalty of death!..LOL and the Tv interviews and press cant have hurt..expect this to get bigger as time goes on!

  • von

    Surpassed expectations. Watched here in U .k 10 times since Sunday. Amazing performances from Sam & Cat. Deserves accolades paid & more.