Cast This: Brianna Randall

***If you have not read Dragonfly in Amber (Book 2) and do not want to be spoiled, do not read this post.  You have been warned.***

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To fill the news void on the Outlander front, let’s start to think about Season 2.  Since filming is set to begin in February 2015, one of the major characters that will join the cast is the woman who will play Brianna Randall, Claire and Jamie’s daughter.  If the show maintains the chronological order of the book, one of the first characters we will see is Brianna.

Below is the decription of Brianna from Outlander Wiki:

“Brianna strongly resembles her father, standing at about six feet tall, with waist-length hair the color of a red deer’s pelt, and slightly slanted blue eyes over high cheekbones. She has large, fine bones, and her hands are long and slim hands like Claire’s, but broader and with square-shaped nails like Jamie’s. Her mouth is wide with a full bottom lip. Those that knew Ellen MacKenzie, or have seen her self-portrait, remark how Brianna looks like her grandmother, but Brianna’s chin is pointed, not rounded, and her features somewhat more bold than Ellen’s.”

Please keep in mind that the actress does not have to have long hair or even red hair.  As we have seen with Sam Heughan (hair color) and Nell Hudson (extensions), hair can be altered to meet the character requirements.  Eye color does not have to be the same as we already know that is something the production is not strict on and probably won’t be changed with contacts.

What actress would you choose to play Brianna Randall? And why?

After a certain amount of time (probably a couple of weeks), I will write a new post with photos of the more popular submissions or all of the submissions if there are not too many.

Reply in the comment section below with your suggestions.  You can also add in a photo in the comment if there is a particular photo that stands out to you.  Let’s see how this goes . . .

Below is a drawing of Brianna I found by Mograinne on DeviantArt

Brianna Randall drawing

  • Mistress Flux

    Hi. My understanding from Maril and Anne (Kenney), is that filming will NOT start in February, but sometime in Spring (probably April or thereabouts). I think Sam might have got it wrong or been misinterpreted. Either way, would hate for any other Outlander fans to be labouring under this misapprehension and being utterly disappointed (as I was) to find to the contrary.

    • Lone Star

      Maybe February is when the actors have to be back for readings, fittings, rehearsals. Anne Kenney did say filming would start in April.

      • Mistress Flux

        Good point. I guess it takes as long as it takes. You can’t rush perfection hmm?

    • Alvastarr

      Maybe they’re filming in some places where lookie-loos would hamper things like Rev. Wakefield’s house which may be a well known location now. If people think they aren’t filming until April then they have 2 months of peace and quiet if they start in Feb. And maybe Sam wasn’t supposed to say anything. 😉

      • Mistress Flux

        Ah, you’re a canny lass, I can tell! 😉 Not a bad theory as it goes…

    • Lynn Miller

      I read that the delay in filming was because they needed more time to make the costumes and sets for S2.

      • Mistress Flux

        Ah, that’s another good point. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why they need so long – it’s a massive undertaking, and we Outlander fans would rather have it right, than fast, I’m sure. It was just I’d got my hopes up that we might see Season 2 in 2015. If they started filming it in Feb 2015 there was a remote chance, but I think if they start later it will probably be Spring 2016 before we see it. Ah well, at least by then I’ll have 16 episodes (from Season 1), to watch repeatedly in the interim…lol.

  • Jahna

    Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood

    • Jahna

      Red hair, american, high cheek bones, slanted cat eyes. Can easily pass for 19-21..

      • Alvastarr

        And she’s 5’10” which is probably as tall as they’re going to be able to find as far as actresses go. At least she would be even height with Claire as opposed to much shorter.

  • Shauna Valencia

    Bryce Dallas Howard

  • Guest

    Amber Skye Noyes

  • Marylyn15

    I think Amber Skye Noyes would be a good choice.

    • Alvastarr

      I think she looks perfect for the role but she’s only 5’7″. The height factor is going to be an issue in finding the perfect Bree especially with Caitriona being 5’10”. Brianna can not be the shorty standing in between Jamie and Claire.

      • Marylyn15

        From what I understand they are auditioning anyone 5 foot 7 and taller. Height may not be an issue in the TV version. After all Cait is 5’10” way taller than Claire in the book and her eye color is different as well. If they don’t say in the show that Bree is supposed to be extremely tall then it won’t matter. Only those of us who have read the book will ever know. 🙂

        • Alvastarr

          Yeah I figured they weren’t going to be concerned about the height as much just because it reduces their pool of potential actresses. It’s just kind of a bummer to lose her height because it features so prominently in a lot of the story and is almost a character itself especially when it comes to people identifying her as Jamie’s daughter. It won’t be the end of the world to have Bree be shorter than both Claire and Jamie but it isn’t exactly something to celebrate either. 😉

          • Creggan

            Height is an easy thing to fake when filming. Look at the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies for some extreme changes in height. Hollywood has been making short leading men taller with camera tricks for close to a century now.

        • Samantha Esquivel

          How do you know about the height requirement that they are auditioning?

          • Marylyn15

            I can’t remember where exactly I saw it posted but I know it was a fairly reliable source. But hey, I could be wrong.

          • Samantha Esquivel

            I would like to know how people even audition for these parts

          • distachio

            Casting directors send casting information (the name of the production company, character information, etc.) to Breakdown Services, Ltd., which distributes it to actor representatives (agents). The agent acts as liaison between actor and casting department.

    • Mercedes Vettese

      Yes I do too. : )

  • Guest

    Last post wouldn’t let me post pic. So I’m trying again. Amber Skye Noyes

  • Guest
  • Anne-Maree Elliott

    Karen Gillan – can’t even look at her since reading the books without seeing Brianna!

    • Kristine

      I agree with Karen Gilliam. She is Scottish, tall (5 10″) can sound American and could carry off the role of a girl taught how to survive even if she didn’t know she’d need to. I do like Molly Quinn from Castle but I don’t know if she could hold her own against Sam and Caitriona

      • Kelly Pait Spagnoletti

        Yes. I was going to say Karen Gillan. She is perfect. Also 5’11”!!! She is scottish, has the hair and square jaw plus a strong personality! She plays on Dr. Who right now but she would be a great Bree!!

  • Alvastarr

    I like Amber Skye Noyes if they can make the height work and I love Deborah Ann Woll for the role. Or this girl. Sophie Turner. I don’t know anything about her acting but she has the look and the height-ish.

    • Sheila

      Sophie has grown as an actress on Game of Thrones, she has the skill and physically she fits Brianna…but would I just always be thinking ‘Sansa’!

      • Alvastarr

        Oh I didn’t know she was on Game of Thrones already. Well that rules her out. I wonder if they are going to cast Amber because she’s being followed on Twitter by Sam, Matt Roberts and Outlander Starz. Seems like the only way an actress would be followed by all 3 of them is if she is linked to the show somehow.

        • Marylyn15

          I think she is a strong contender. She mentioned the other day that she had some exciting opportunities coming soon and I know she was in Scotland last Sept. She was there while they were filming so could have been doing screen/chemistry tests.

          • Lindsey Davidson

            Isn’t Amber 33? I think they’re looking for someone between 20-25 years old.

    • lughna

      I really like Sophie’s “look” Girl next door but beautiful and strong too. Amber seems too…I don’t know…too glamour girl. Maybe they can tone her look down like they roughed up Sam.

      • Alvastarr

        I agree. Amber seems a little too harsh around the edges, more like a villain’s girlfriend or something lol. It could be the way she does her make-up too and maybe when she tones her make up down for the show, her fresh-faced All-American girl will shine through b/c honestly, I think they’ve already decided to cast her. I just wish she wasn’t so short b/c they’re going to have to strike all the references to Bree’s height from the story if she does play her. I will say that she does seem to be nice in real life. She was very warm and friendly when she thanked an Outlander fan for drawing a pic of her.

        • vivvz89 .

          why do you think they’ve already decided on Amber? Isn’t it waaay to early for them to have decided on anyone? especially since several have said they haven’t gotten very far in the casting?

          • Alvastarr

            It definitely wouldn’t be too early at this point with filming starting this month especially if they’re filming in sequence with the books as Brianna is in the first scene. I think they picked Amber because both @Outlander_Starz and Sam Heughan started following her on twitter last year after she talked about being in Scotland. Why was she there…for screen testing perhaps? Either way, it’s only a matter of time til they announce something especially after Maril hinted yesterday or the day before that there may be casting news soon.

    • Sandi

      I like her look; from what I picture in my mind, she looks like Brianna.

  • Maniah

    Molly Quinn from “Castle” would be a great choice. She is the right age, her eyes slant when she smiles, she is a red head. She is a talented actress! She doesn’t seem to be super active on Castle right now, so she might have the time for it. She has a very strong screen presence that captivates. I would love her for the role!

    • Sheila

      Molly Quinn is a favorite of mine and I have often thought she would make an excellent Brianna…her eyes are perfect, like Sam’s…like Jamie’s

  • Kathy Morrow


    • I love this actress but she will always remind me of who she played in True Blood!

    • Shelly

      I agree, I think Deborah would do a great job at this and she is the right height for Brianna.

    • Jenelle Clawson Howard

      For looks I vote Deborah Ann Woll too- I’d never even seen True Blood and she is almost exactly how I envisioned Bree from reading the books. I’ve seen a few online postings voting for Scottish actresses and one that even said that Deborah could be perfect if she learned a Scottish accent but… Hello- Brianna is American!!
      So I think Deborah would be awesome.

      • Kathy Morrow

        yes she grew up in Boston so it would be a Boston accent

  • Cindi Herbert

    Amanda right to off of mentalist would be eyes height.

  • Crystal Schabinger

    I wish my cousin was an actress… She is who I pictured when reading the books without even realizing it! She’s 16 and about 5’11” tall

  • Judy Hunter

    Rose Leslie (Ygritte from Game of Thrones). She might not be tall enough though. However, if her Wikipedia pg is to be believed, she is a direct descendant of Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat…..goosebumps!

    • Marylyn15

      Rose Leslie is 5’6″. Loved her in GoT.

  • Jenny

    Saoirse Ronin

  • Jenny

    Saoirse Ronin

    • Marylyn15

      She is also 5’6″ unfortunately. Read somewhere they are auditioning girls 5’7″ and taller.

  • Becca

    Ione Skye…all I remember about her (right now) is that she is Donovan’s (the singer) daughter.

    • Marylyn15

      Ione Skye is 44.

  • Tamara

    Deborah Ann woll 100%.she’s taller that caitriona so that works nicely, hair, eyes, cheek bones since I read the books all I can picture is her. When she played Jessica hamby in true blood she shows she has that fiesty nature and compassion of Brianna. Will be gutted if she’s not cast x

  • Maxann Carlson

    Debra Ann Woll. She’s got the look and the height

  • Maxann Carlson

    Debra Ann Woll, she’s got the look and the height.

  • Lynda Jo Hunt

    How about Alyssa Campanelli (Former Miss USA)?

  • Bryce Dallas Howard…without a doubt!

    • Mercedes Vettese

      She might just do..

  • pat pierson

    deborah woll will be the next brianna and mison on sleepy hollow for roger please they would be perfect

  • JoAnn

    These are some great choices!!! I can see them all as Brianna. I can also see Clara Paget…

  • Tracy Kidd

    I came across this actress accidentally – and without knowing her name instantly thought that’s Briannna! Bryce Dallas Howard – Posted Pic but it did not come up. Will try again

    • yes…she is a good contender as well I had picked her first before I saw Sara Snook below. They are both great condenders…Sara is from Ireland I think.

  • ava

    Rose Leslie is the perfect Brianna…bold and audacious, she can move from the 18th century to the 20th century in the blink of an eye. Perfect.

  • Adrienne

    Alyssa Sutherland

    • This girl has the slanted eyes that the book mentioned but because the cast Jamie doesn’t I dont think it matters all that much.

      But she would be a good cast.

  • Guest

    Bonnie Wright

  • Guest

    Bonnie Wright as Brianna

  • Maddie poole

    Karen Gillian!

  • Sherry Riley

    Filming begins on April. I don’t blame them. Who would want to film in the winter?

  • Guest

    Why, Kristen Stewart, of course!!

  • Slidnonice

    Why, Kristen Stewart, of course!

    • distachio

      She’s only 5’5″.

    • Alvastarr

      Dear god no.

    • allym

      Not just no but H3LL NO!

  • debinsflorida

    How about Laura Prepon from ‘Orange is the New Black’? Yes, I know, she has her hair dyed black on that show, but look at this pic of her back when she was a redhead. She has the same beautiful light blue eyes as Sam and she even has a bit of Cait in her. Plus, she’s 5’10” (according to her bio), so she’s got the height. She’s American, but hopefully she’s good with accents! Of course, she probably isn’t free to commit to Outlander, but you never know! I think she’d be perfect. Whoever they cast as Brianna and Roger, I just hope they’re tall.

    • distachio

      Bree is American.

  • Samantha Esquivel

    I think this girl Rachel Vague should play her, she is an American model, 5’11 (so almost 6 foot) and has long long hair… She would have to color it though. She would be perfect for the 60s!

  • Danielle Haggard
  • Danielle Haggard

    Rachel Nichols is a good actress. Bonus: 5’10” height

  • Danielle Haggard

    Or Nicole Beattie

  • This beautiful young women – looks like Bree – she would be awesome.

  • Rose

    Laura Long, 24, American

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  • KristinaCalin

    Karen Gillan….Honestly, after seeing interviews with her, I can’t imagine anyone else. She’s from Inverness, can easily pull off an American accent, and she’s 5’11. Gillan is beautiful, but she can easily slip into the role of a “nerdy” engineer type, who is somewhat awkward at times.

  • Rose
    • distachio

      She’s my choice. I watched her audition video and she blew all the other ones away!

    • Suzan


  • Rose

    Laura Long

    • distachio

      Laura did a really good audition for Brianna. Her tape is on Vimeo.

      • Alvastarr

        I just watched it. She did a really good job especially in the second part. I had tears in my eyes along with her.

        • distachio

          Ikr? I watched the other ones as well; they were also quite good in their ways, but I really thought Laura’s was the most moving and authentically “Bree.”

    • Kate Shuck

      I agree. I’ve seen this chick all over Outlander fan posts the past few days. At first, I wasn’t sure but after seeing her take on Bree I’m sold. She makes Bree real but I still see passion and spunk in her eyes. She looks like the perfect combo of the actors. Hopefully Ron and the Outlander casting team consider her. Fingers crossed!

      • Joyce

        YES! She’s already Bree in my mind.

  • Sarah Martin

    I know I’m late to the party on this, but I think Karen Gillian would be perfect. She’s tall, red “heided”, and as proven in “Gardians of the Galaxy” she can hide her accent well. In “Doctor Who” she was down right fierce which Brianna needs to be. Love her and would love to see her break into the Hollywood scene more

  • Margaret Peña

    Bridget Regan – She’s only 5’9″, though and 32 years old in real life. Her face is still pretty youthful but it may be hard to disguise how old she really is as the series continues.

  • Lucy Grenne

    Laura Long.

  • AnnaMiller80


  • AnnaMiller80

    She’s 24 and 5’10 I think

  • Jack Stuart

    My good friend and solid actress Laura Long would be perfect casting. I’ve worked in network casting. Take this one to the bank.

  • Micah

    That Laura Long girl was AMAZING in her audition video!!!! She has my familie’s vote 100%!!! WOW!!!!!

    • allym

      I saw her audition video! She was AWESOME!

  • Tracy Petit Berns

    Well, I know she’s a bit older, but I think she can still pass for young Brianna, and Laura Prepon has always been the image I had in my head when reading. She is 5’10”, and I think her voice would be a fantastic match for the one I “hear” while reading Bri…

  • Michelle Shelton Embrey

    Laura Long. Her Adution was great! She also fits the look of Brianna.

  • dsikes

    I thought tammin sursok? Did better

  • D. E-Platt

    Sharon Belle: 6’2″ 150 lbs. Natural Redhead with blue eyes, and is very athletic like Bree – has her black belt, & is trained in sword & quarter staff fighting, archery & horseback riding! She’s got several youtube videos as well. She’s also auditioned for the role already, according to tumbler

    She could easily pass as the daughter of Jamie/Sam & Claire/Cait

  • D. E-Platt

    Sharon Belle would be perfect as Bree & has the right look to be
    Sam & Cait’s daughter! At 6’2″ she’s also the right height range!

    • Lindsey Davidson

      YES! She is early twenties and 6’2″.

    • Foxyfilly

      She’s perfect!!!!!

      • Foxyfilly

        Look at the facial features.

  • montse

    karen Gillian

  • lea42000

    Jenna Thiam would be the perfect Brianna to my mind

  • AliceAnne

    Amber Skye Noyes is a horrendous choice as Bree! She almost destroyed the S/2 of BATB with her wooden acting, the inch thick makeup & Howdy Doody-red dyed hair! And holding true to form, she was no better as a guest on Blacklist! Acting would have to a total non requirement for her to even be considered, let alone casted!

  • Guest

    Alyssa Sutherland, when I read the books she’s who came to mind. She even sort of resemble Sam Heughan.

  • Emma

    I’d kill to audition for this myself, but there’s no info available for submitting. I’m local to the production & have the same colouring as Caitriona. I’m also reeeeeeally tall! But I think they must have already cast it 🙁

  • sandy

    Melissa Archer. Always who I pictured when I read the books!!

  • Luna Erica

    Maddy Rae Cooper!

  • jbeth

    Just saw Alexandra Daddario on Percy Jackson and wow – give that girl a bottle of red dye and she’s absolutely Brianna

  • Ronica Smith

    I’m late to the party. But I like Taylor Roberts. She’s 5’10”, so at least she’s not shorter than Cait.

    • Ronica Smith

      I love Emily Jane Browning too, but she’s 5’1″

  • Suzan

    Sophie Turner

  • Suzan

    As Brianna Fraser, not quite 6 ft

  • Mary Ann Mermelstein

    Brice Dallas Howard

  • imaripebanana

    Obviously – Sharon Belle

  • Jackie Ortiz-Serrano

    Deborah Ann Woll as Brianna

  • Linda Luhdorff

    The best match for Brianna Fraser is without a doubt Molly Quinn

  • Lindsey Davidson

    Sharon Belle. Early twenties and 6’2″!

  • Deborah Engisch Platt

    Sharing these pics of Sharon Belle, who has been my choice for Bree all along.
    She’s Canadian, early 20/s, blue eyes, natural red hair, plus she’s over 6′ and has skills in archery, horseback riding, a black belt in martial arts & is trained in sword & quarter staff fighting. She’s already auditioned for the part!

    Check out her acting here:

  • Mae Scott

    I still think Karen Gillan is my #1 choice for Brianna… However considering the chances of getting her is fairly slim my second choice is Elyse Levesque…

  • keo

    Lily Cole

  • keo

    Bonnie Wright

  • keo

    Kimberly Whalen

  • keo

    Elle Fanning

  • keo

    I think she has “the look.”

  • Katherine

    Found this girl Madison Campbell instagram @madkayca that looks JUST like her in my mind. She’s super tall too 5’10 apparently

  • Foxyfilly

    No doubt about it. 6’2″ and looks just like him! Sharon Belle

  • Deborah Engisch Platt
  • Lena Secunda

    Its a pleasure you use my art, but heres the right link to the updated picture 🙂

  • Misty

    Sharon Belle 6’2″ from the Americas. She’s got the cat eyes, long nose, wide mouth and set jaw, a long neck and hair of fire. And an intimidating height. She’s perfect for Bree!

  • Caitlin Taskila

    I think that Saoirse Ronan would be a good choice she has very similar features to Sam since he is in the roll of Jamie she would be believable as his daughter. She is only 5’6 which is a bit of a height problem but since film makers can make people who are 6’0 look 4’0 feet. I don’t think it’s a big issue.

  • Caitlin Taskila

    This is her hate color and length isn’t an issue either in my opinion as long as she favors Catherina and Sam that she is believed in the roll.