ATX TV Fest – Caitriona Balfe Will Be Directing an Episode of ‘Outlander’ Season Eight

During the Outlander panel at ATX TV Festival, Caitriona Balfe announced (with Maril Davis’ permission) that she would be directing an episode of season eight.  She had expressed this desire to direct in interviews during previous seasons’ press, but with season eight being the show’s last season, it looks like the trigger was finally pulled for Caitriona to direct.  She mentioned during the panel that she had already directed some second-unit footage during season seven and has already directed fellow cast members because of this opportunity.  Doing the second-unit directing has already given her some experience in what to expect come next year (or whenever they decide to start filming).  Often, directors will be in charge of a block of episodes (two episodes), but this wasn’t discussed during the panel other than she will be a director.  She did say that she has not directed Sam Heughan in any scenes yet.

Congrats, Caitriona!   We look forward to seeing your episode!

Source: Caitriona Balfe via Outlander ATX Panel