New ‘Outlander’ Season Seven Feature in Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Preview

Caitriona Balfe, Matthew B. Roberts, and Maril Davis spoke with Entertainment Weekly about season seven of Outlander for their Summer Preview.  Below are some important excerpts, but head to Entertainment Weekly to read the whole article.  Not so sure I like what they mention about the “villain” of the season.  I am always anxious when they change things up and don’t at least stay true to the characters (*cough* that ether *cough*)

Still, don’t expect Outlander to merely tack on those last four episodes to the start of season 7. “There are some major story threads from [season] 6,” says executive producer Matthew Roberts. “We do cover those, but we meld them into ending one section of stories at the exact same time as starting new stories. We had to rewrite them completely to get them into new stories going forward.”

“The kitchen sink is what you can expect,” teases Roberts. “We load that kitchen sink up with everything. In comparison to other seasons, there’s more going on in season 7 than every one of our other seasons, not necessarily combined, but pretty close to it. We finally get to the Revolutionary War and how it affects all of our characters.”

With such violence comes a host of new dangers, including a twist on the show’s big bads. While previous seasons have featured one major villain (Black Jack Randall, Geillis Duncan, Stephen Bonnet, etc.), season 7 explodes the concept of who is friend or foe. “Season 7 is all about fractured villains,” Davis says. “A supersized season calls for supersized villains — or multi-pronged villains.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Outlander without the looming prospect of time travel. Roberts and Davis tease that there will be multiple timelines this season, and regardless, Claire and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) must once again wrestle with their knowledge of the past and how they can affect change, if at all. “You can’t change destiny or the broad strokes of what’s happening,” says Balfe. “So you have to try and look out for yourself and your family and do the little things that you can with the knowledge that you have. Claire has learned that you can’t push against the wheels of time too much because they don’t budge.”

Source: EW