Graham McTavish Talks Buck MacKenzie and His Possible Return

While being interviewed for Men in Kilts in the UK, Digital Spy brought up the question of Buck in season five of Outlander and his possible return. Excerpts are below, but head over to Digital Spy to read the entire article.

“Buck… I don’t know,” the actor told us about coming back

Recalling how his Outlander comeback as the younger MacKenzie came about, he revealed: “I remember when they rang me about doing it. When they rang me I thought, ‘Oh, they want me to come back to do a flashback as Dougal’.

“And then they said… ‘Oh, would you come back as your own son?’ I was like, ‘Wow’. I think it’s a genius idea, personally. It’s fantastic and I loved doing it, and the only sad thing was I didn’t do any stuff with Sam.”

for another run. “Well, I know he’s in the books – I think he’s in book seven and eight – but I don’t know…

“Well, listen, I’ll tell you one thing about this business is that the actors are the last to know!”

Source: Digital Spy