‘Outlander’ Season Four Coming to US Netflix in January 2021

If you are one of the holdouts in the US who only watches shows on Netflix and doesn’t subscribe to any other streaming services, you are in luck today.  Season four of Outlander premieres on Netflix in the US on January 27, 2021.

The addition of Outlander to Netflix has certainly opened the gates to a slew of new fans who would not have subscribed to the Starz app or rented/borrowed the DVDs.  Hopefully, with this new season added to Netflix, more fans will embrace Outlander.  Season five is available to stream on Starz and can be purchased/rented/borrowed from many other places.  But brace yourself, season six won’t be airing anytime soon.  The cast is gearing up for filming to begin, and we probably won’t see it on Starz until 2022 (my best guess).

Source: Netflix