Watch Bear McCreary, Raya Yarbrough, and Maria Doyle Kennedy Discuss Music in the Third ‘Outlander End of Summer Series’

There are a lot of Outlander fans who are musically-inclined, like our own writers Katherine Stinson and Amanda Cain, along with the ladies of The Outlander Podcast.  I can admire the score and songs of Outlander as a casual observer, not necessarily recognizing the cues and changes in the music like others can.  However, I think we can all agree the composer Bear McCreary is a genius and his wife Raya Yarbrough is a beautiful, and at times haunting, singer.

In this new episode of the Outlander End of Summer Series, we have Bear discussing his score, referencing a few particular songs, along with the Outlander theme song.  Raya joins in the discussion when Bear gets to the theme song.  We are also treated to a live recreation of the season five version of the theme song, which still gives me goosebumps when Raya ends the song.

Maria Doyle Kennedy is featured in the video discussing her musical background, as well as signing Aunt Jocasta’s song for Murtagh from season five.

This series is supporting Doctors Without Borders, and of this posting, this video has collected almost $3,300.  Please click here to donate money through the video on Facebook, as the donation link does not appear below.  The video from Facebook was not embeddable this time, possibly due to the music, so the official YouTube video is below.

Source: The Outlander Collector