Our ‘Outlander’ Season Five Premiere Interviews with Graham McTavish and Yan Tual

We had the pleasure of speaking with Graham McTavish (Dougal/Buck) and Yan Tual (Father Alexandre Ferigault), actors from past seasons of Outlander, or so we thought.  We interviewed them in February and had no hint at the time that Graham would be back in season five.  I’m impressed that he gave us no hint or wink when I said that he was in past seasons and not around anymore.

We spoke briefly with Yan Tual, who is incredibly soft-spoken, and that doesn’t always work on a noisy red carpet.  Apologies if you can’t make out everything he said.  He is a lovely person and has been appreciative of this website in the past.  It was our pleasure to speak with him!

Source: Outlander TV News