New Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe Interview with ‘Parade’

While at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe spoke with Parade Magazine about season five of Outlander.  Excerpts are below, but please head over to Parade to read the entire article.

“The circumstances of this season have really allowed us to invest in those relationship moments,” Balfe tells “We see a lot more of the intimacy and the passion of Claire and Jamie, because we have that luxury of them being in one place a lot of the time, and it’s so nice. Sam and I have been talking a lot about this today, that we get to see how they work together as a couple, the strains and the pressures of these outside things, but they’re able to come together and touch base with each other and support each other. It’s really lovely to see them just converse as a couple in this supportive and emotionally supportive way.”

“Claire has her surgery and the dealings going on there, and Jamie has this political side,” Heughan says. “He’s working with the British. But they touch base, and they always need and yearn for each other, and they reconnect. It’s those moments we see that are quite domestic. It’s their home life and it’s actually really touching. And those are the really fun scenes to play, to see them need each other and reconnect.”

“The short answer is you’ll have to watch to find out,” Heughan teases. “This is a storyline that isn’t in the books, and it’s probably one of the biggest deviations from the books. Obviously, the whole Murtagh surviving Culloden [was not in the books], but it’s been brilliantly played out this season. For me, it’s definitely my favorite storyline for my character to play. Jamie’s always had this father figure in his godfather. He’s always been this presence, who has guided him, and we see some great flashbacks this season to when Jamie was a child. So, for Jamie to have to break that bond and put Murtagh at a distance to protect Fraser’s Ridge is very hard for Jamie to do.  It is played out. I can’t really tell you an awful lot much more because it is a great storyline. It’s a wonderful piece of writing and, certainly, for Jamie, a very tough situation to be in.”

Source: Parade