Jamie’s Ghost Will Appear at the End of Book 10 of the ‘Outlander’ Series

There are always questions from book fans (and now TV series fans) about the ghost of Jamie that Frank sees at the beginning of Outlander.  Diana Gabaldon is always gracious enough to answer people’s questions about the ghost, even if the same questions are asked and answered over and over again.

If I am remembering the important details that Diana has revealed over the years, it is Jamie’s ghost and not Jamie in the flesh, as Diana has pointed out that Jamie cannot time travel like Claire.  She revealed in a recent tweet that we will find out exactly what is going on in this scene at the end of Book 10.  Book 9 will be finished by the end of the year per Diana, but it may not be published in 2019 depending on her publisher’s timeline.

Do you have any theories on Jamie’s ghost?

Source: Diana Gabaldon on Twitter