Sophie Skelton On Brianna’s Ongoing Arc


Sophie Skelton continues her streak of amazing interviews with Parade.Com’s Paulette Cohn. Skelton aptly speaks of past, present and future Brianna.

“One of the things I’ve always wanted to keep with Bree, throughout all this series, is to show that she is a modern woman in the way she walks, her demeanor, the way she talks, everything. Obviously, she would have to hold herself back a little bit and hold back any modern words. Often, I want to throw in an “okay,” just to remind us that Bree is from a different time, but she has to be careful who she lets that slip in front of.”

On forgiving Jamie for the whole selling Roger to the Mohawk snafu: 

“It was a mistake and I think Bree’s very much forgiven Jamie. I think she was just sad and scared and angry and lonely, and it was very easy to just put that blame on Jamie because they’re so similar.”

On Brianna then versus Brianna now: 

“I think Brianna’s one of those people, and Diana says, too, she’s very hard to understand and very misunderstood. In season three, I was playing this very guarded version of Bree. She doesn’t let people in very easily, and now we’re at a point where she really does let people in.

One of the best scenes, though, where we see a little bit of light, we see a beacon of what Bree is going to be in season four and five, was when she lets Claire go back to the past. She cries at the window and finally lets that flow. She doesn’t let Claire see that she’s afraid, but it comes out after, and, I think, that was the beginning of seeing the woman that Brianna becomes, instead of the complex, confused teenager.“

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