‘Outlander’ Presence But No Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

When the floor map of San Diego Comic-Con was released last week, it was surprising to see a Starz booth back on the map.  It will be located next to the BBC America booth as it has been before.  Could Starz be bringing Outlander back to SDCC?  Initially, it did not make any sense.  Outlander will be back in 2020 and they are still at the beginning of filming the first few episodes.  But of course, Outlander was at SDCC for season two with only a teaser of what had been filmed so far.

Starz has not released any sort of press release about SDCC yet, but they did respond to a fan’s tweet today.  There will be no Outlander panel.  With Starz’s small booth, they will be presenting several of their original series of which Outlander is one of them.  I was hoping for a Power booth since it is ending and it is their most popular show.

Whatever the booth looks like, we will be there to show you what we see.  Please follow us on Twitter at @OutlanderTVNews as this will be the first place we share any images or news from SDCC.

Source: Starz PR on Twitter