New Maria Doyle Kennedy Interview with ‘Metro’

Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aunt Jocasta) recently spoke to Metro about her experience on Outlander season four, her character, and the challenges of portraying her.  Excerpts from the interview are below, but please head to Metro to read the entire interview.

‘Her blindness introduces a physical challenge that is new for me, the addition of an accent is always fun and emotionally she is complicated and compelling.’

‘[She’s] a fiercely intelligent woman in a world where women struggled to exert any power,’ Maria explained. ‘She is a product of the difficult journey of her life, and the result is an interesting mixture of both tender and manipulative qualities.’

‘The greatest one being that I can’t make eye contact with any of the other actors in a scene. ‘In life as well as acting, we give and receive so many of our cues through eye contact.’

‘Not having that at my disposal made me lonely… until I figured out Jocasta’s inner power!’

Source: Metro, Photo: Starz