Official Behind the Scenes Video of the Start of ‘Outlander’ Season Five

To get some Outlander fans to watch The Spanish Princess, Starz advertised there would be a small behind the scenes video about Outlander season five running before The Spanish Princess‘ first episode.

In this new BTS video, we can see Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Duncan Lacroix, Lauren Lyle, César Domboy, and Caitlin O’Ryan on the set of Outlander.  This video is of the first day of filming.  My question regarding the video is why Duncan has a brown wig on and not a grey one?  Flashback, perhaps?  There also looks to be a time jump as well as we see Sam in the wig and costume from last season and then him in the new wig and costumes.  Brianna’s baby also has gotten older.

If you are a Starz subscriber, you can watch the video by clicking here.  The video runs after The Spanish Princess trailer.

Below are the screencaps from the video.

Source: Starz