‘Outlander’ Begins Streaming on US Netflix in May

Not too long ago, I asked on our Twitter and Facebook accounts if Starz should stream Outlander on Netflix to grow its audience.  While we understand that you can stream Outlander now if you buy into the Starz app, but many people (not fans) do not do that, especially if there is no show on a certain network that you are interested in watching or at least trying to see if you would like it.

It is welcome news today that Outlander seasons one and two will be streaming on Netflix in the US on May 27, 2019.  I will be looking forward to seeing what kind of effect this has on the number of fans and what the online response will be to this show considering it will open the show up to all of the Netflix subscribers.  If these new viewers like seasons one and two and want to see three and four, perhaps they will seek out a streaming Starz account or go rent or buy season three and four.  Season four comes out on DVD/Blu-ray the day after Outlander hits Netflix.

What do you think about putting the first two seasons on Netflix in the US?

Source: Netflix