Cryptozoic’s ‘Outlander’ Season Three Trading Cards – Box Break Video

Cryptozoic’s third season of the Outlander trading cards was released last week.  I have participated in the Outlander trading card fun since the first season was released.  I bought one box for season one and three boxes for season two.  For this third season of trading cards, I bought three boxes again.

I have never really participated in any sort of trading card collection until Outlander came along.  I had Archie Comics (and still do), but I never got into any sort of card game or trading cards, although I was horribly jealous of my friends when I was little who had Garbage Pail Kids cards.  Getting into any sort of trading cards is dangerous in terms of always wanting to get more boxes or pack or you take a look at eBay and start bidding on cards you want.  In other words, it can get expensive.  So while some Outlander fans may go to lots of fan conventions, I have staked a claim in Outlander trading cards.

Boxes of cards run typically $80-110 depending on the seller and when they are purchased (pre-order or after the cards are released).  Not many places just offer sealed packs for sale, but there is a current listing on Amazon for those wanting to dip their toes in the game and not invest so much.  What is guaranteed in an unopened hobby box of trading cards is one wardrobe card and one autograph.  So, if you compare prices on eBay for wardrobe and autograph cards, sometimes just buying a box is cheaper if you don’t care which card you get.  The double or triple wardrobe cards are bonuses and don’t count towards one wardrobe card per box minimum.  New this year are one of a kind sketch cards that have been randomly inserted into boxes.

I would encourage fans who want to give this a try to consider getting some packs to open or buying one box and see what they get.  Cryptozoic’s website is more detailed in what this season has to offer and also lists the vendors where you can purchase cards from.  The trading community around these cards is fabulous, and I have done many successful trades through the Outlandish Trading group on Facebook.  This group of people is very knowledgeable about the cards and helpful with any questions you might have.  I will highly encourage you to join if you decide to buy some Outlander trading cards.

Below is a video of breaking into my three boxes of season three trading cards.  I hope you enjoy the (long) video.