‘Outlander’ Fourth Season Costume Design Has Been ‘Terrifying’ for Terry Dresbach

From the very beginning of the production of Outlander, the production crew has taken costume design very seriously, as they have every part of this epic show. This is a challenge, as the show spans both time and culture, from 18th Century Scotland and France to 20th Century New England. This season has proven the most challenging yet for Terry Dresbach, lead costume designer and wife of show runner Ronald Moore. Terry endeavored to create authentic wardrobes for the Native American characters Jamie and Claire encounter as they settle into life in the 18th Century North Carolina wilderness, but what she discovered was an appalling lack of available research. While there are numerous reasons why this information is absent, after a year of searching, she and Ron decided to be as truthful to the Cherokee and Mohawk Nations in that time as they could. It was an experience Terry calls ‘terrifying’, having to put herself – a white woman – into the shoes of a traditionally marginalized population, but the final product seems to have pleased everyone involved, including and especially the actors wearing those costumes.

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