Sam Heughan Defends Depiction of Violence and Sexual Assault on ‘Outlander’

If you have made it past the end of season one of Outlander, you can probably deal with whatever is to come in future seasons.  Many fans complained that the show went too far in depicting the rape of Jamie (Sam Heughan) by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies).  Referencing season one and season four, Digital Spy asked Sam again about how the writers and the show depict violence and sexual assault.

“[Jamie] has been a victim and I think our show has a lot of violence and rape because it is used as a weapon in that time and we haven’t turned away from it,” he argued. “It is sad that it has happened to him and it is remarkable that our show has dealt with these issues and we haven’t turned a blind eye to it, and there is so much more that happens this season as well.

“It is very tough and we have to be very careful with it and that’s why we discuss it with the writers and director beforehand and rehearse those scenes but it is that time period and it was very prevalent.

“Those are the hardest scenes to shoot, definitely.”

Further, in the interview, he was also asked about fans, Droughtlander, and keeping locations secret.  Head over to Digital Spy to read the entire article.

Source: Digital Spy