Executive Producer Maril Davis Live-tweets ‘Outlander’ Season Four Premiere

Executive producer Maril Davis jumped on Twitter and live-tweeted the west coast airing of Outlander on Starz.  While she can be seen in the behind the scenes video for episode 401, “America the Beautiful,” she gave more details on certain scenes in her tweets.

I got a bit irrationally agitated at one of her tweets, the one about the Lillington bedroom.  While we were given no indication how the Frasers became invited to such a fancy dinner, we were also not clued into them getting ready for the dinner at the Lillington residence.  While this is pointed out in the book, it is not obvious in the episode, and I just assumed they had prepared for the dinner in town and had returned there after it.  Details like these bug me, as you can see.  <rant over>


Source: Maril Davis on Twitter