The Newest Issue of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Celebrates ‘Outlander’ Season Four

The newest covers for Entertainment Weekly are here, and they are all about Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe).  There are three covers total for this week’s issue centering on season four of Outlander.  The cover with both Jamie and Claire will available only at Barnes & Noble or in your mailbox if you are a subscriber.  Issues are also available for purchase online here or here.

Along with the reveal of the covers, there is a new video with Sam and Caitriona along with some quotes from the article.

“Throughout the last three seasons, we’ve had them discover each other, go through this honeymoon period, and then try to establish themselves a home,” explains Heughan. “This is an opportunity to really ground themselves and find a home together. Certainly, for Jamie, it’s been something that he’s desperately wanted for a long time. He’s always wanted to be the Laird, have his family and settle down. Claire has finally come back to him and now they get this opportunity. Of course, it is Outlander so things don’t run smoothly. But this season is really setting up the years to come. We’re really establishing Fraser’s Ridge and this new world.”

“I think Caitriona will back me up here,” warns Heughan. “The dog is great, but maybe not the best maintained. It tends to do its own thing, which is kind of funny. It will wander off on its own at times.”

Source: EW