Sam, Caitriona, Sophie, and Richard Discuss ‘Outlander’ Season Four with Buzzfeed

This is probably the most in-depth interview about season four so far.  Buzzfeed interviewed Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin at New York Comic Con about what is coming this season.  Excerpts are below, but please head over to Buzzfeed to read the whole interview.

4. Sam and Caitriona, this is the first time we’re really seeing Jamie and Claire trying to settle down. How does that change your dynamic this season?

Caitriona: I think it’s a really different side of Claire. I mean, in other seasons we’ve focused so much on her being so career driven. I think it’s a quieter version of her, in many ways, and more content. The fact that her and Jamie are finally together and are building a home, it’s the first opportunity she’s had to really focus on family life and their relationship. That was quite different for me. It’s an interesting new challenge to be able to explore that.

Sam: And Jamie, he’s content, I think that’s a great word to say. He’s always wanted to have a home and a family, and an extended family. He gets that this season. He gets the opportunity to settle. He falls in love with the country and the land. He’s surrounded by aspects of having a family. He’s got young Ian and Claire, and obviously Brianna in one way. So, for a short while it’s quite peaceful.

5. Sophie and Richard, this is my favorite book in the series and a lot of that has to do with Brianna and Roger’s growth. How is it, not only exploring your relationship together, but your characters separately as well?

Sophie: I think that has been the fun thing this season because, like you said, this is my favorite book. I think for Bree and Roger, thus far has been setting up the story for this season. I think there’s a really nice dynamic in terms of them having that sort of back-and-forth relationship. Again, every time they’re brought together they’re pulled apart. They’re both kind of dealing with their own individual problems. They’re both getting over the death of their fathers, plus Brianna deals with essentially giving away her mother. They also have this long distance relationship and everything that comes with that. So, while Jamie and Claire have a fresh beginning, these two are sort of in the muddy waters of what has just happened.

Richard: We also had a very gradual introduction to the show as well, which was a good thing, I think, because you have a lot of time to think. We were only in the end of Season 2 and only a few episodes in Season 3, but being aware of the show and the world in which the show’s set was very helpful coming into Season 4. We know exactly where the characters are and we know exactly where we are within the story. So, I think it has been quite an advantage. It’s been good to explore, like you say, together and separately and what they’re dealing with because they are dealing with quite a lot in their lives individually never mind trying to cope with each other. They’re dealing with not only a long distance relationship, but everything that comes with the Frasers.

Sophie: I also think, for us as well, you’ve only really seen their similarities, where this season, you see that they have completely different points of view on very important matters.

Source: Buzzfeed