‘Outlander’ Season Four Character Portraits and Descriptions

The official Starz website is starting to update the Outlander section for season four.  There are new character portraits and descriptions of the characters in season four, and here they are below.  Spoiler warning: Some of the descriptions include things that happen in season four.

“Claire is as independent and strong-willed as she’s ever been. Claire faces a host of new dangers
and adventures in the New World as she strives to make a permanent home alongside Jamie in
the 18th century. And being a woman out of time continues to be a hurdle for Claire, who must
suppress her desire to change history, knowing it can’t be done, and focus on what is within her
control — making her corner of the world a better place. Even though her relationship with Jamie is
stronger than ever, Claire can’t help but be plagued by memories and thoughts of her cherished
daughter, Brianna, whom she left behind in the 20th Century.”
“We find Jamie Fraser being seduced by the breath-taking, promise-filled and treacherous land that
is Colonial America. While danger and uncertainty are not new territories for Jamie — there is more
at stake for him with Claire at his side. He’s lost her once; he wouldn’t be able to survive losing her
again. Jamie does his utmost to provide a future for himself and Claire, but the search for a place
to call home proves more difficult than he anticipated. After many hardships and false-starts,
Jamie manages to build a home he is proud of, becoming the successful landowner he’s always
dreamed of becoming — a role model for all pioneering men.Marsali is the high-spirited and outspoken daughter of Laoghaire MacKimmie Fraser, the woman
Jamie married in Claire’s absence. While she shares some of her mother’s traits — rebellious and
outspoken, she differs from Laoghaire in that she’s fallen in love with a man who loves her in return
— Fergus. Their marriage is rather unconventional for their time, Marsali speaks her mind and
bravely faces down the challenges that life in the New World presents, characteristics that Fergus
can’t help but cherish. In season four, Marsali endeavors to make a happy life for her burgeoning
family in the New World.Fergus, Jamie’s adopted who grew up in a French brothel, has grown into a charming and
devilishly handsome man. Under the influence of Jamie as a father figure, Fergus has developed a
strong sense of loyalty and decorum, despite his unconventional upbringing. While he’s happily
married to Jamie’s stepdaughter, Marsali, his new role as husband and father are not without their
challenges. He’s no longer under Jamie’s protective wing and must provide for his family on his
own, which proves to be more difficult than he anticipated. Fergus struggles to prove his worth to
himself and his growing family.When Jamie and Claire pay Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta a visit, she is over-joyed to reunite with her
nephew and have kin near her again. For the past two years, she’s had the herculean task of
managing her plantation, River Run on her own, after her husband Hector passed away. Jocasta
takes great pride in what she and Hector built together, believing that she is a benevolent
mistress. While Jocasta’s eyesight has weakened, her wit and intelligence are as sharp as
ever. She possesses a cunning ability to manipulate others, subtly bending them to her will —
a MacKenzie trait that she shares with her brothers’, Dougal and Colum, who also have a history of
exploiting their nephew Jamie when it suited their interests.Roger is Reverend Wakefield’s adorable adopted son, an intelligent, charming and proud Scot who
is hopelessly in love with Brianna Randall. He has their life together all planned out — they’ll marry
and live in England, where he’ll continue working as a historian at Oxford and eventually have
children and raise a family together. But Roger’s dreams are jeopardized when Brianna’s mixed
feelings about long-term commitment and shared miscommunications between them threaten to
derail their relationship. Roger must travel the distance — and time — to prove his devotion to
Brianna.Strong-minded, stubborn, and intelligent beyond her years — traits inherited from her mother, Claire
and nurtured by the father who raised her, Frank — Brianna embodies the 1970s American
woman. It’s her independent spirit and self-sufficiency that her boyfriend, Roger Wakefield, finds
compelling… and maddening. When Roger expresses his desire to spend the rest of his life with
Brianna, she admits that she isn’t ready for a life-long commitment. While she knows she loves
Roger, her parental role models, Frank and Claire, did not represent an ideal married couple and
have left Brianna uncertain about the longevity of romantic relationships. As Brianna tries to
navigate her complicated relationship with Roger, she comes across research in the 20th Century
that sends her travelling back in time to the 18th Century in an effort to rescue Jamie and Claire
from a grave fate.After being rescued by his Uncle Jamie and Auntie Claire at the end of season 3, we find Young
Ian thrilled to be in the unfamiliar New World — it holds all kinds of curiosities that he’s never
encountered before. He longs for a life filled with new experiences and is inspired by the beauty
and Native cultures in the New World. As Young Ian helps Jamie and Claire carve out a new life in
America, he takes steps towards blazing his own trail, becoming his own man and ultimately
discovers the path he’s destined to take.Stephen Bonnet has not had an easy life; circumstances have shaped the twisted code that he
lives by — using his charisma and charm to lull others’ into dropping their defenses, allowing him to
take advantage of kindness and mercy, yet never repaying it in kind. He is a remorseless
opportunist who always puts his needs and desires first. As a smuggler and thief, Bonnet has
managed to create quite the reputation for himself in the New World and as a result is wanted by
the authorities. But when his path crosses with the Frasers, they see a man similar to Jamie and
others’ like him — someone who is being unfairly pursued by the Crown. When Bonnet manages to
enlist Jamie and Claire’s help, their fates become intertwined for better and for worse.Ulysses is the head of the household at Jocasta Cameron’s prosperous plantation, River Run. He
handles the many details of day-to-day life at River Run with a deft hand. He’s smart, kind and
capable of much more than the color of his skin affords him. Since his Mistress, Jocasta is virtually
blind Ulysses acts as her eyes — informing her of what she cannot see, both in her presence and
when she is not around, keeping her apprised of everything that goes on inside of River Run’s
walls. Ulysses is steadfast in his loyalty to Jocasta. The years he’s spent with her have enable him to anticipate her every move and whim. While he thoroughly knows his Mistress’s feelings and thoughts, he manages to keep his locked deep within.”
“Phaedre is the personal maid and seamstress for Jocasta Cameron. She has a kind heart and mischievous sense of humor and is a trusted member of the River Run household.”

Source: Starz