Behind the Scenes Video of the ‘Outlander’ Season Four Scottish Festival Scenes

Last week, IGN released a Starz video that is a behind the scenes look at the Scottish Festival scenes from Drums of Autumn that feature Brianna and Roger in Outlander season four.  Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton are interviewed in the video about these scenes, as well as Richard introducing a few crew members on the set.  Personally, I love seeing all the crew members in these behind the scenes videos and photos because they are a major part of the success of Outlander, not just the actors.

It is evident from this video that Richard will be the comedy relief in any of the interviews or behind the scenes footage from season four, and I look forward to seeing his personality more.

I think it is evident from this video that we will see Roger in a kilt and we will see him sing this season.  I hope you can pull it off, Richard!

Below the video are some screenshots.

Source: IGN