Second Full Trailer for ‘Outlander’ Season Four

The second full trailer for Outlander season four dropped today after a cryptic tweet, Honestly, I thought was another intern mistake as the tweet looked similar to what Starz would send out the day of the first episode.  Alas, it was not a mistake, and it was the prelude to the full trailer releasing.

Let’s examine what is in the trailer, and for the non-readers, there is a major plot point hinted in this trailer, and the below list may also include spoilers.

  1. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is talking to Jamie (Sam Heughan) while sitting on the ground with a blanket for warmth.  This is the same conversation that was released after the season three finale.
  2. The talk of hope and promise is intercut with a hanging in a town.
  3. We see the boat that the Frasers take to get to River Run.  This boat plays an important part at the beginning of Drums of Autumn.
  4. We see the Frasers landing at River Run and meeting Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Jamie’s aunt, and her head slave and right-hand man, Ulysses (Colin McFarlane).
  5. We see what I believe is the party where Jamie and Claire sell one of their jewels and Jamie is propositioned with a deal to take on some land in North Carolina for the betterment of the state.
  6. Jamie speaks to pre-Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) of this deal.
  7. Claire is confronted with slavery and makes her stance known.
  8. We see our first glimpse of the slave, Phaedre (Natalie Simpson).
  9. Jamie saying that they must leave River Run and make their own way is narrating the Frasers doing just that.
  10. Jamie carrying Claire over the threshold of the bare bones of their future home.
  11. Jamie justifying their taking on the pre-Governor’s deal so that he could make the place Brianna calls home better in some way.
  12. Our first time seeing Brianna (Sophie Skelton) in a video since season three ended, and she seems to be enjoying her time with Roger (Richard Rankin).
  13. Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is introduced, scar and all.  Can’t make him too handsome. He meets up with Jamie and Claire at some point.  This scene may be his “goodbye” to the Frasers.
  14. Young Ian (John Bell)!
  15. The boat heist with Jamie yelling, “Claire!”  This leads to Roger being concerned about something happening (or happened) to Brianna’s mother.  He finds a document with Jamie’s signature and that document also has pre-Governor Tryon’s signature as well.  Roger’s OMG leads to him calling Brianna.
  16. The Native Americans meet the Frasers.
  17. The hanging
  18. Stephen Bonnet again
  19. The local white people are not happy and are storming a house.
  20. The skull with silver fillings
  21. Fights, fights, and more fights.
  22. Another standing stone circle?  Hard to tell.
  23. Brianna has her hair up, how very not modern of her…
  24. Brianna at a fresh grave.
  25. A lightning strike to a tree spooks Claire’s horse.
  26. Bathtub loving
  27. Roger and Brianna dancing, if you call that dancing
  28. Fergus (Cesar Domboy) and Marsali (Lauren Lyle) on a boat.  This looks like the same scene from the season three finale.
  29. Jamie getting really mad at Stephen Bonnett.
  30. Some sort of gathering or festival with a nice bonfire.
  31. Stephen Bonnett running.
  32. Jamie pulling a gun.  I feel like this might happen a lot.
  33. Embraces!
  34. FRANK’S (Tobias Menzies) NARRATION TO BRIANNA APPROACHING THE STONES!  This very much mimics the end of season two.

Okay, that was a lot for two minutes of footage.  The trailer is a bit too spoilery for non-readers, but again, Starz is appealing to readers which seem to be the basis of the fandom.  There is some old footage mixed with a ton of new footage.  We really still have not seen any new Fergus or Marsali scenes and book-readers will be curious how both are introduced to this season since it may differ from the source material.

We are less than two months away from Outlander season four!

Screencaps of the trailer are below the videos.

Source: Starz