‘Outlander’ and Costume Talk in the Newest ‘TV Guide’

In the newest issue of TV Guide (Mariska Hargitay is on the cover), Outlander has a small section in which the text focuses on the costume switch-up for season four.  Costume designer Terry Dresbach is quoted in the small blurb.  It mentions that Dresbach “consulted with experts at Colonial Williamsburg and the Smithsonian.”

“The women’s clothes have a colorful floral palette.  It’s American color: cotton, not the saturation of silks in Paris.”

“You stay warm or die. You hunt.  Furs and skins were necessities.”

“And what does a 20th-century woman wear when nobody’s watching?  That’ll be a discovery for the audience.”

Thank you to Twitter user Gladys Elkaim for sending us a photo of the blurb.

Source: TV Guide