MTV News: Josh Horowitz Talks to Sam Heughan

In one of what I consider best interviews of The Spy Who Dumped Me press tour, Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) sits down with Josh Horowitz from MTV News. Josh always does an amazing job in his interviews (podcast: Happy, Sad, Confused) and this one is no exception. Sam talks about the differences in filming a scripted drama such as Outlander and the slight flexibility he had in the movie. We also hear that Sam maybe, could be, the antagonist in his upcoming movie Bloodshot with Vin Diesel.

Sam gives his opinion on the upcoming Season 4 of Outlander, saying again that he believes it to have the best finale out of all the seasons so far. We will all get to determine that when the season returns this November on Starz. Thanks again to Josh and MTV News for such a wonderful interview, and here is hoping Sam doesn’t take anymore of Josh’s items.



Source: MTV News