Behind the Scenes: A Look Into The ‘Outlander’ Writers Room

It is always a special moment when fans get a glimpse at the behind the scenes work that goes into ‘Outlander‘. Not only were we recently treated to a “glimpse” but Sony posted a video tour of the ‘Outlander’ writers room on Twitter. Executive Producers and Writers, Matt B. Roberts and Toni Graphia guide viewers through their space, pointing out favorite items. Toni keeps a piece of the shattered Virgin Mary statue used in the Season 2 Episode: Faith, on her desk.

On her way to introduce Maril Davis (and Carrot) we see many of the costumes that have been used in the series displayed prominently around the main viewing room, as well as the past promotional posters framed on the walls.  Matt breaks down the writers room with descriptions on how the writers use magnetic cards to move main points of the story around and find the best fit, and timelines to keep everything in order.


Source: Sony Twitter