‘Outlander’ Cast Gets a Well-deserved Break After Season Four Filming

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When filming for Outlander season four finishes, the cast (and probably some of the crew) will be in for a hiatus longer than usual.  At the BAFTA TV Awards last night, Caitriona Balfe had this to say:

“We have an extended hiatus, we have about seven months off.”

This is much longer than the few months off they have had in the past.  With filming ending this summer (season three finished filming in June 2017), this puts filming for season five into January/February 2019.  I can think of at least one reason this may come as an advantage; the filming will span spring and summer in Scotland, which I am sure will be a welcome change from shooting in the fall/winter and ending when it finally starts to warm up.

This will inevitably lead to another long Droughtlander as filming will not end a few months prior to the fan-expected premiere month in the fall unless they plan on premiering the first episode while still filming.   We may not see a season five premiere in 2019, but considering season four does not premiere until November 2018, we will have new episodes in 2019 as season four wraps up.

Another bonus for those of us who are fans of the actors involved in Outlander is that they will have more time to do other film and/or television projects.

All in all, I am excited for the cast and crew to have a bit more time off from the grueling pace and amount of time devoted to Outlander filming.  We know that pre-production of the episodes happens many months prior to when the first camera rolls, including writing those scripts, and we are always grateful for what they all do to make Outlander come alive on the small screen.

Source: Digital Spy, Photo: Getty Images