Watch an ‘Outlander’ Season Three Bonus Scene with Lord John Grey & Isobel

A new scene from season three was released by Entertainment Weekly earlier this week.  It is not a deleted scene, but a bonus scene that was filmed only for inclusion on the DVD/Blu-ray, according to Diana Gabaldon.  This tidbit seems strange, but I guess it is something the writers and producers wanted to provide for fans even though it was never to make it into an episode from season three.  Usually, the DVD and Blu-ray will have deleted scenes from films and TV shows.  I expect there will be plenty of deleted scenes from season three, but I am also wondering if this is the only bonus scene to be included.

The scene involves Lord John Grey (David Berry) and Isobel Dunsany (Tanya Reynolds) and Lord John is explaining his feelings towards Jamie in terms of playing chess.

Source: EW